Wyoming Law Enforcement: Missing Man Believed To Have Died In Yellowstone Hot Thermal

Although law enforcement authorities have announced that they believe a 70-year-old man died in a hot thermal pool in Yellowstone, they will not say if the bobbing foot in a pool discovered in August is related to his incident.

Jimmy Orr

September 26, 20222 min read

Yellowstone pool scaled
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Wyoming’s Department of Criminal Investigation has announced that a 70-year-old Asian male is missing and is believed to be deceased in a thermal pool in Yellowstone National Park.

“Il Hun Ro, age 70, was last seen in Yellowstone National Park, on July 7, 2022,” the statement said. “He is an Asian male, approximately 5’3, 135 pounds with black eyes and black hair.”

Authorities will not say if Hun Ro’s disappearance is related to a human foot that was founding bobbing in the Abyss Pool near West Thumb Geyser Basin on Aug. 16.

That case remains under investigation, Yellowstone authorities said Monday morning.

“The incident is still under investigation and we are committed to providing an update when we have one,” spokesperson Linda Veress told Cowboy State Daily.

Earlier this month, Yellowstone officials said they have contacted the “presumed family” of the person who lost the foot but would not provide further information.

Waters in the Abyss Pool are more than 140 degrees, and it’s one of the deepest pools in the park.

Dark Feeling

Jen Mignard was at West Thumb Geyser Basin on the day authorities found the floating foot. 

She said the law enforcement presence was “massive” and told of helicopters and numerous police vehicles in the area.

“We knew something bad had happened,” Mignard told Cowboy State Daily in August.

“It was such an abnormal sight to see in the park,” she said. “There was a lot of fear and apprehension that something was seriously wrong. It was a dark feeling.”

“Helicopters don’t fly here,” she added. “There were too many coincidences. Something major was happening.”

Authorities have said they do not expect foul play in the disappearance.

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