Letter To The Editor: Gov Gordon Is Doing A Good Job With Wolf Management

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Dear Editor,

Enjoy your newsletter on Wyoming. 

I had to reply to the letter concerning the Governor’s wolf management plan. 

I live 2000 miles from Yellowstone, use to bring the family every four or five years to visit Yellowstone, Teton National Park, Split Rock, Register Cliff, Riverton, and friends, just to name a few favorites, a good road trip. 

The last time we made the trip was nearly 10 years ago. The wolves were still under fed’s ESA Protection. 

We saw very few deer, no moose, a few elk, and bison, the animals the children loved to see had become a scarce sight in Yellowstone. 

Unfortunately, we did see a couple of hungry wolves roaming around looking for the next meal. 

We haven’t been back, wolves are not why we drove that distance to visit Wyoming, it was the numerous other wildlife we use to see.

I think the governor is doing a great job at managing the wolf. I hope he can get the wolf numbers reduced to a level where they are considered a part of the ecosystem but not the ruling species.  

Best Regards,

Jr Hill, Bar 5H Ranch, Grimshaw, Alberta

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