Bison Attacks Florida Car At Yellowstone; Amazingly, Tourists Stayed In Car

A bison demonstrated why Yellowstone officials are warning people to stay away from wildlife, especially during the rut. One bison became annoyed with a car and attacked it on Sunday.

Jimmy Orr

August 22, 20222 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Although wildlife officials can put out all the warnings they’d like, oftentimes it’s better to see why the warnings are being released.

A tourist and family were traveling through Yellowstone National Park on Sunday when they saw why it’s a good idea not to leave their car when bison are near. Especially during mating season, otherwise known as “the rut.”

William Ogonowski was stuck in traffic because bison were on the road when he thought to video the action.

Good instinct on his part as one bison didn’t appreciate the white vehicle in front of him and bashed into it as though it was a bison-foe.

Sadly, it wasn’t Dave Walsh — longtime voice of the Wyoming Cowboys — who took the video because Ogonowski’s play-by-play skills left a lot to be desired.

But he tried his best.

“Oh no, they’re coming at us,” Ogonowski said. “Oh no. They’re fighting in front of those people.”

Ogonowski let out a scream when he saw the bison square-up and ram the car in front of him.

To no one’s surprise, the vehicle the bison attacked appeared to have Florida plates.

“I got it on video,” Ogonowski announced to his family.

Last Friday, Yellowstone National Park officials put out a reminder to tourists to leave the bison alone.

“It’s important to remember that during rut, bulls are on high alert and can get aggravated easily,” a park spokesman announced on Friday.

Remarkably, in this situation, drivers appeared to heed their advice and no one stepped out of the car to pet or saddle a bison.

However, the season is young. The rut won’t wrap-up until the end of September.

Calls to Dave Walsh to ask him to narrate all future bison videos were unanswered at press time.

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