Yellowstone Reminds Tourists Not To Get Gored By Bison

Not that any tourists will listen, but Yellowstone officials are warning that bison can get particularly aggravated this time of year because it is the mating season.

Joshua Wood

August 19, 20222 min read

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Not that any tourist will pay attention to the warning, but Yellowstone National Park is attempting anyway.

It’s the time of the year known as “the rut” and it’s when bison fall in love and particularly don’t like humans.

Yellowstone officials on Friday are warning people again to stay clear of 1,000+ pound brown tanks

“It’s important to remember that during rut, bulls are on high alert and can get aggravated easily,” a park spokesman announced on Friday.

Rule of thumb, stay 25 yards away from all wildlife.

If not, you could be turned in to a piñata which is great fun for the folks at the popular Facebook page Yellowstone: Invasion of the Idiots but not for the human involved in the piñata.

There have been three reported bison vs human incidents so far this year. There could be more. 

A video surfaced last month that appeared to show an incident but it was never reported so it didn’t make the official scoreboard.

An elderly couple got really close last week to two fighting bison — within 10 feet — before other tourists explained to them that they could get easily killed.

They listened and everyone survived. But not everyone does. There is a very dark side of Yellowstone captured in a Cowboy State Daily map called Yellowstone At 150: Scaldings, Maulings, Murders And Other Unnatural Deaths.

The rut, park officials say, will last through September.

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