Tourists In Yellowstone Walk-Up To 2,000 Pound Fighting Bison To Get Better View

Instead of staying in their car, two tourists left their vehicle to get a better view of two fighting bison in Yellowstone. One observer told Cowboy State Daily the couple was less than 10-feet away from the bison.

Jimmy Orr

August 11, 20222 min read

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It would seem to be conventional wisdom that when two 2,000-pound bison are fighting each other, it’s a good idea not to get involved.

But that was not the case for one couple in Yellowstone on Monday.

Two irritated bison were actively throwing-down in the middle of a road. Snorting, bellowing, wallowing, locking horns. They weren’t happy.

Instead of getting inside of their vehicle, an older couple walked up to the fighters for ring-side seats.

Cindy Shaffer, who works at a bookstore in Yellowstone and took video of the interaction, told Cowboy State Daily at one point the couple was less than 10-feet away from the bison.

“I was very scared for them,” Shaffer said. “As you can see, they are very powerful and dangerous animals.”

Shaffer’s voice can be heard in the video. She said she was the one who yelled out to them to get in their car “or they will kill you.”

Shaffer said it is especially dangerous around this time of year as it’s “the rut” or mating season and it’s peaking right now.

It all turned out OK as the older couple got back in their car and the bison took off a short time later.

But not before Shaffer was able to take a photo showing just how big one of the scrappers was.

Photo by Cindy Shaffer

“This is one of them,” Shaffer messaged. “HUGE!!!”

A longtime resident of the Yellowstone area, Shaffer believes the bison were 2,000-pounders.

Florida Man

Frank Zerba, one of the motorists who pulled over to watch the sparring animals, said he stayed in his car because he didn’t want to get his “ass kicked.”

“I’m from Florida, the last thing I need is to make the Florida Man page,” Zerba said, referring to numerous websites and social media pages which showcase idiotic actions of people from the Sunshine State.

“I may be a Florida man but I’m not going to be that Florida man,” he said.

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