Letter To The Editor: Ray Hunkins Should Write More Columns

Dear editor: I am writing to commend Cowboy State Daily for the recent column you published by Ray Hunkins entitled "In Biden Administration, Ideology Trumps Common Sense."

August 19, 20222 min read

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Dear Editor:

I am writing to commend Cowboy State Daily for the recent column you published dated August 9, 2022.  The article written by retired attorney/rancher Ray Hunkins entitled: In Biden Administration, Ideology Trumps Common Sense.

I was thrilled to see in your “Daily” a column that so succinctly expresses what we have all witnessed going on in our nation as a whole and Wyoming in particular since the Biden Administration has  taken over.

I am glad that someone like Ray Hunkins has so effectively summarized “in print” what is going on by combining all of the individual pieces of this “Gigantic Jigsaw Puzzle” enabling all of us to see what is happening!

Ray has clearly defined “ideology” as being “both good and bad” . . . . and further defined what an “ideolog”  is by giving an illustration of George Soros who is a living example of an ideolog.  Soros is someone that we all should be able to identify as an ideolog.  This is not “mud slinging”! 

 Ray Hunkins has done a truly commendable job in reporting clear facts regarding how Wyoming has been adversely affected in our energy industry (War on Fossil Fuels), all emanating from the “fake” climate change crisis and tying it in to the harm that has and is being done to our farmers and ranchers here in Wyoming.

Ray’s writing is so clear to follow!  It is reasoned and effectively documented.  His writing is to the point and powerful.

Thank you so much for printing this column.  I really needed to read this.  It more than made my day!  Please keep more of Ray Hunkins writings coming!


Ed Snell, Wheatland

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