Dave Simpson: The Mind Just Keeps On Boggling

Columnist Dave Simpson writes: "Now we're begging the Saudis to boost oil production, instead of unleashing our domestic energy industry. The mind boggles."

Dave Simpson

August 02, 20224 min read

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Why do we put up with this?

– Anyone with the sense to pour stuff out of a boot knows you don’t turn an oil tanker around on a dime.

Same goes for an economy dependent on electricity, gasoline, natural gas and the sources of power that have given us a quality of life that is the envy of the world.

Even if you buy the argument that we’re doing terrible damage to the planet with our energy consumption, common sense tells us that fundamental change takes time, planning, and at least some agreement on where we’re headed.

Not Joe Biden, though. On Day One of his feckless administration he did everything he could to cripple the fossil fuel industry – shutting down pipeline projects, hampering exploration, and unleashing the full oppressive force of the bureaucracy on our energy industry. Meanwhile, the Chinese are building coal-fired power plants like mad.

And now we beg the Saudis to boost oil production, instead of unleashing our domestic energy industry. The mind boggles.

Wouldn’t thinking adults elect leaders who understand that changing what powers our country is a big, complicated, going-to-the-moon-like project?

What we have, however, is President Biden telling us that it’s a great time to buy $60,000 electric cars, putting huge new demand on the generation of electricity, even as we shut down coal and natural gas-fired plants.

– It only took 19 hijackers to create the mayhem of September 11, 2001, and throw us into 20 years of foreign wars. And yet Biden lets hundreds of thousands of people stream across our southern border and head to parts unknown.

And we have a Secretary of Homeland Security who is so deluded that he thinks the border is “secure.” What a joke.

The Mexican drug cartels run our border now, flooding our country with deadly fentanyl and making huge profits bringing people from all over the world across our border, some forced into the sex trade.

And the people in charge – put there by voters who didn’t like “mean tweets” – are the ones who told us a wall was dumb.

If a wall was dumb, what on earth would you call what we have today?

(This just in: Biden agrees to build small portion of dumb wall in Arizona to help Democrat Senate candidate Mark Kelly get re-elected in November. Vision-impaired squirrel finds acorn.)

– Will we ever find out if some of our own tax dollars went into medical “research” in China that somehow got loose, made us all sick, killed millions, did irreparable harm to the education of a generation of our kids, and hammered our economy for two years? And will we abandon the social media sites that silence those who dare ask politically incorrect questions? We’ve seen little in the way of answers so far, so we live in a fog of woke confusion about what really happened. To us.

– Any big-city voter who cast a ballot for a prosecutor supported by George Soros has only himself to blame for the rising crime in our cities. When do they wise up and reject any candidate who takes money from Soros?

Skyrocketing murder rates, open drug use, subway commuters pushed in front of trains, a cop beaten up by a brazen thug who is then put right back on the street by moon calf prosecutors – when do our big city friends get a clue? In the meantime, who with options would live in those cities, with dozens of people shot every weekend, squalor on the streets, and hopelessly inept leaders?

There the mind goes again, boggling.

– If a slick politician grabbed the ice cream cone away from your grand child, you wouldn’t put up with it. But those same politicians are stealing the futures of our grand kids with their mindless, selfish, ruinous deficit spending. Wouldn’t a $32 trillion national debt be an opportune time to see some big changes at the polls?

No doubt about it folks, there’s been some really inept voting going on for some time now. If ever there was a time to wise up, it’s this election year, and every election year to come.

Our votes could change this.

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Dave Simpson

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