Rod Miller: Will The Pillow Guy Get The Keys To Wyoming’s S-2?

Columnist Rod Miller writes: "Do we really want to trust the keys to the Secretary of State's office to a Sasquatch-believin' My Pillow Guy surrogate?"

Rod Miller

July 13, 20224 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

The Governor of Wyoming has license plate S-1 on his ride. Wyoming’s Secretary of State drives around in S-2. Both plates are up for grabs this year, but the really important race is for who gets to drive S-2.

This isn’t the most eye-catching race in Wyoming this year, but its the most important. The outcome of the Secretary of State race this year will decide how the rubber hits the road for the next four years in our Big Square State.

Our choice of direction is stark. And clear.

The Office of Secretary of State has been ably administered for the last four years by Ed Buchanan. He’s like the office he holds….seldom flashy but always dependable. Ed has been a steady workhorse who has kept our wagon in the tracks and out of the mud ever since we harnessed him up.

But Ed’s not running for re-election this year, and that sets up the choice before us for the second-most important office in state government.

This office, the chief election office in the state, has become a battleground in a national culture war. My Pillow Guy and his MAGA acolytes have publicly drooled about getting his hooks into the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office.

He wants the keys to S-2.

And he has candidates in this race who are happy to carry his water. If you don’t believe me, check them out yourself!

I won’t mention names, but when a candidate lip-synchs The Big Lie, they have identified themselves. When they tell you to watch “101 Dalmatians” or “2000 Shih Tzus” or whatever the hell that movie is, instead of thinking for yourself, then they have self-identified.

When they ululate about election integrity and tell you that bomb-throwing Trotskyites have infiltrated our ballot boxes, they have raised their hand and said, “yep, that’s me”. You can also tell who they are when they persistently deny the truth when they are proven wrong. You hear an audible, “Yer a RINO!” when that happens.

These are the candidates caught in the intellectual trap of their own making which says, “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence” when they talk of voter fraud in Wyoming. They discount the proven fact that, in past few decades, there have only been four cases of proven voter fraud – all four caught and prosecuted.

They are convinced that all they need to do is to keep digging and they’ll find what they’re looking for. Kind of like a kid seeing at a big pile of horseshit and convincing himself that there’s a pony under there somewhere.

After all, the Pillow Guy says its true.

Does the State of Wyoming really want to trust the keys to S-2 to Sasquatch-believin’, uber-populist conspiracy theorists like this? Do we want a Pillow Surrogate to be Acting Governor when the Gov is outside our borders?

Do we want our elections overseen by someone with that look of deer-in-the-headlights fear in their eyes and a heart full of doubt about the wisdom of us as voters? Do we want the Park County Men’s Full Gospel Gun & Glee Club counting ballots between Bud Lights?

Or do we want a steady hand at the helm of our elections?

Do we want a Secretary of State who casts illogical suspicion on the sanctity of our institutions and tries to undermine the will of Wyoming voters, or would we prefer a champion of our democracy who instills faith in our institutions?

Like I said, the choice is stark and clear.

Think carefully before handing the keys to a righteous ride like S-2 to someone unqualified to drive. She’s a real beauty and we don’t want some idiot smashing her up.

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