Man, Famous For Surviving Electrocution, Cuts Video Walking On Yellowstone Hot Springs

A Florida man, who is 'famous' for surviving an accidental electrocution, posted a TikTok video on Friday showing him walking on the thermal hot springs in Yellowstone National Park.

Jimmy Orr

July 02, 20223 min read

(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

UPDATE July 3, 2022: The man who illegally walked on the hot thermals said he is turning himself in to authorities.

Everything is hilarious until your body gets dissolved in 459 degree thermal hot springs in Yellowstone.

That’s what happened to one man six years ago in Yellowstone National Park and that’s why the National Park Service continually warns tourists from coming close to the springs. In fact, it’s illegal to even leave the path.

But those warnings didn’t worry one Florida man whose claim to fame is surviving fourth and fifth degree burns from an accidental electrocution.

Matt Manzari, who is now employed as a public speaker discussing his survival of accidents, posted a TikTok video on Friday (which has now been taken down) showing him walking on the fragile hot springs in Yellowstone and joking about the results.

Manzari, who is severely scarred from the electrocution, walked up to the camera and asked, “Geewiz, do I have a rash?”

Courtesy, Matt Manzari

The video, which also appeared on the popular Facebook page “Yellowstone: Invasion of the Idiots” begins by stating “Taking a dip on Yellowstone Boiling Springs.”

While Manzari is walking up to the camera on the thermals, text on the screen reads: “Oh man they said it was hot, but…”

Manzari was chastised by followers on his account. He responded to one who told him it was illegal to be standing there.

“For sure the general public should never do this without permission!” Manzari replied.

Others told him that people have died doing the same thing and many promised to turn him in to the authorities.

The video also caused some confusion because of Manzari’s scars. The results of the accidental electrocution and more than 70 operations took its toll on Manzari’s upper body with severe scarring and his arms, torso, and neck.

Thus, his punchline “Do I have a rash?”

The joke wasn’t well-received by his followers.

“Dude, you’re completely full of yourself and should stay the hell out of our national parks. The disrespect is just unreal,” wrote one commenter.

Although the videographer and Manzari both laughed at the end of the video, they probably won’t be laughing in the end.

People who have done the same thing have gone to jail, been fined thousands of dollars, and have received multi-year suspensions from the park.

Calls to Manzari, his agent, and Yellowstone National Park have not yet been returned.

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