Dennis Sun: Stockgrowers Association Needs Support Of All Wyomingites

Dennis Sun writes: One has to recognize the support currently provided by its 1,200 members or the businesses supporting WSGA through sponsorship or being in the tradeshows at the convention.

Dennis Sun

May 08, 20223 min read

Dennis sun wyo
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By Dennis Sun, Wyoming Livestock Roundup

This month, as we start to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association (WSGA) and look forward to the big celebration and convention June 8-11, we need to take some time to realize the positive impacts WSGA has provided Wyoming ranchers throughout the years.

If you are not a member of WSGA, hunt up a member and visit about what WSGA has accomplished in the past and their future plans. I can guarantee you, at some time in the past, the association has helped you indirectly or directly.

If you are a business in agriculture or in the livestock industry, it has also helped you or your business.

One has to recognize the support currently provided by its 1,200 members or the businesses supporting WSGA through sponsorship or being in the tradeshows at the convention. The WSGA is a major player supporting the livestock businesses in the state.

For livestock producers, there are a number of ways to be a member, with the largest category being the producer membership, which has four levels depending on the number of cattle you have. There is also the subsidiary membership for employees or family members of producer members.

Also, there is the retired rancher membership for those who are not a producer but still want to be involved in the association and have influence in WSGA issues.

The Guardian of the Grasslands membership is for those producers who wish to contribute a higher level of commitment dollars to the organization.

Producer members can belong to the WSGA Cattlemen’s Club by donating the proceeds from the sale of one healthy calf, steer or heifer annually. This support really helps the WSGA.

Young producers can join the Wyoming Young Producers Assembly – a great place to learn more about ranching and livestock issues. It is an opportunity for these producers to get involved with those of similar interests.

Businesses with involvement in agriculture and livestock products may join as an associate member with four levels of options. For those who want to help support the interests of the livestock industry, they may join as a supporting member – it is a non-voting membership.

Show up to Cheyenne for the convention, get registered and have some fun while meeting others with the same interests. You will take home a wealth of information to help you in the livestock business.

As a past president of WSGA, I know the respect and support the association has on a county, state and national level. One hundred fifty years of being in the business of supporting and assisting those in the livestock business is something to be proud of.

There are those who say, “I’m just not a joiner,” but if you are in the livestock business, you need to support an ag organization you feel will help you the most. Look them over and support someone. You are cheating your families and business by not belonging. The biggest part these associations provide is information, and information is dollars these days, just as it was 150 years ago.

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