Spring Is In The Air: Tourist Tries To Pet Moose, Gets Instantly Attacked

The unofficial beginning of tourist season happened recently when a snowmobiler made a very poor decision to pet a moose.

Jimmy Orr

March 24, 20222 min read

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It’s like hearing “Gentlemen, start your engines” at the Indianapolis 500.

It’s been said that the “season opener” for spring is the first time of the new year a tourist at a natural destination — such as Yellowstone National Park — does something that prompts a wild animal attack.

Even if the attack didn’t happen in Yellowstone, which appears to be the case in this event, it still marks an important time of year, when the much-anticipated mauling season is right around the corner.

By all accounts, the first event of the year occurred a few weeks ago in Canada, according to the Canadian website “Noovelles.”

The title of the video posted on the site tells the story: Never pet a wild moose.

And, of course, the video goes on to show why that’s a wise bit of advice.

The video shows a snowmobiler climbing off of his snow machine and walking over to cheerfully greet a moose like he’s meeting Bullwinkle at a carnival.

However, Bullwinkle is not happy to see him.

Instead of shaking the tourist’s hand, the moose gets up on his hind legs and knocks him down and then repeatedly kicks him.

No mercy. When the guy attempts to roll to safety, the moose follows him and continues to pummel him. In fighting parlance, it’s an absolute ass-whooping.

Then, in English, a voice announces that the moose broke the tourist’s leg. Seconds later, the video shows the kick that may have just done that.

In the meantime, the tourist’s friends appear to show some concern. But not enough to risk the wrath of the miffed moose. Mostly, the injured tourist’s pals — including the guy who kept the camera rolling the entire time — just have front row seats to the epic battle between a snowmobiler and a force of nature weighing in at more than 1,000 pounds

The condition of the tourist is unknown.

Many of the French-speaking commenters, however, mention that his snowmobile escaped serious injury.

The clock is now ticking for the first event in Yellowstone.

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