Wyoming Dept of Health Says Alternatives To COVID Pills Are Available

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By Wendy Corr, Cowboy State Daily

Wyoming may be toward the bottom of the priority list to receive the antiviral pills developed to treat the coronavirus, but a number of other treatment options exist, according to a spokeswoman for the Wyoming Department of Health.

“There are multiple types of COVID-19 therapeutics currently available in Wyoming,” Kim Deti, public information official for the Wyoming Department of Health, told Cowboy State Daily.

Those options include two types of monoclonal antibodies that are given by intravenous infusion, as well as the antiviral medication Remdesivir, which is also administered via IV infusion.

Although the oral medications that have been developed specifically for COVID-19 aren’t currently available in much of Wyoming, Deti said there are other medications available for the treatment of hospitalized COVID patients. 

“These are not in scarce supply and are procured by hospitals the same way as any other medication,” she said.

Deti said as supplies increase, the oral medications will become available at more locations across Wyoming, including at commercial pharmacies.

She noted that one of the priorities for the department is to encourage people to get tested if they have symptoms, as there are medications available that may help reduce the severity of the infection.

“Because supplies of most of these medications are still limited, and some require intravenous infusion, they are primarily being distributed to hospitals around the state,” Deti said, adding that these medications have thus far only been made available to individuals who are at risk of developing severe illness because of underlying medical conditions.

“During the high transmission levels Wyoming experienced with Omicron, we did not have enough supply for all patients who would benefit from these medications, and we asked providers to prioritize the use of these medications for those at highest risk,” Deti said. “Now that we are seeing fewer cases, a higher percentage of the individuals diagnosed with COVID will be able to access these medications.”

The department again urged Wyoming residents to exercise caution because the coronavirus is still active.

“The pandemic is not yet over,” cautioned Deti. “We’re in a new phase, but COVID 19 is not gone. We want to help people avoid serious illness when possible.”

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