Hageman Reacts to Cheney 2022 Announcement; Cheney Says She Was Always Running

Congressional candidate Harriet Hageman is calling the news that U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney will seek a fourth term in the U.S. House "exciting." But the incumbent's camp said there actually is nothing new about this.

Ellen Fike

March 02, 20224 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Congressional candidate Harriet Hageman is calling the news that U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney will seek a fourth term in the U.S. House “exciting.”

But the incumbent’s camp said there actually is nothing new about this.

Cheney appeared on KODI radio station this week and said that she would be a candidate in the 2022 primary and general election for her House seat. However, Cheney spokesman Jeremy Adler said this was not an official announcement.

“She’s said it repeatedly and directly before,” Adler told Cowboy State Daily on Wednesday. “I remember she was asked in May 2021 and September 2021 and both times she said she’s definitely running.”

Adler went on to produce five other examples of times where Cheney mentioned she was running again including an interview with Wyoming reporters on September 9, 2021; an appearance on CBS’ Face the Nation on January 2, 2022; an appearance on the New York Times’ podcast ‘The Daily‘ on January 6, 2022; an interview with FOX News’ Bret Baier on January 6, 2022; and an appearance at the ‘Defending Democracy Summit‘ in Denver on February 11, 2022.

Cheney was asked during a Tuesday appearance on the radio station if she would be running in the congressional race this year, to which she responded, “I am.”

“We’re going to have a very spirited campaign,” she said. “I know the people of Wyoming recognize and understand how important it is to have somebody who’s going to fight for our energy industry…fight to make sure the heavy hand of government regulation is beat back.”

Hageman said Wednesday that her team thought Cheney would retire this year prior to the election, due to the “disaster” of President Joe Biden’s administration.

“Over 30 Democrats have now announced their retirement from Congress,” Hageman said. “They know that the Biden administration is a disaster, saw the writing on the wall, know the terrible poll numbers, and have heard from people across this great country that they are going to lose.

“We thought Liz Cheney would have joined her Democrat counterparts and retire, but she has decided otherwise,” Hageman continued. “Over the course of a year, Cheney went from being the third most powerful Republican in the House to an outcast. However, yesterday, she announced that she is running again. Her team will flamboyantly announce that they had ‘hundreds of donations’ from people across the country showing support. It’s time to fight back!”

Rod Miller, Cheney’s Republican opponent in 2018 and now a political columnist for Cowboy State Daily, said he thought Hageman’s announcement of Cheney’s non-announcement was humorous.

“If there was ever any doubt about Cheney’s skill in the political arts, she just got her opponent to make her re-election announcement for her,” Miller said.

Once allies, Hageman and Cheney have become political foes over the last six months, after the Hageman announced her intention to challenge Cheney in the GOP primary for Wyoming’s lone congressional seat. Shortly after, former President Donald Trump endorsed Hageman for the seat.

There are several other candidates in the House race, as well, including state Sen. Anthony Bouchard, R-Cheyenne, Gillette resident Denton Knapp and Riverton resident Marissa Selvig.

Hageman will host two town hall meetings next week in Cheyenne and Gillette alongside U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, who also endorsed her for Congress late last year.

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Ellen Fike