A Milestone This Week in Lander- You’re Invited to the Party!

Jeff McMenamy, an occupational therapist who left the corporate world to start his own physical therapy business, is extending an invitation to help Teton Therapy celebrate a milestone:  its their 10th Anniversary in Lander!

Annaliese Wiederspahn

December 14, 20215 min read

(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Jeff McMenamy, an occupational therapist who left the corporate world to start his own physical therapy business, is extending an invitation to help Teton Therapy celebrate a milestone:  it’s their 10th Anniversary in Lander!

While a remodeled garage in Riverton served as the original home for Teton Therapy, founded in 2001 by McMenamy, the Lander clinic opened their doors just a decade ago, and what a decade it’s been!

With three Teton Therapy locations providing both physical and occupational therapy, the bar has been set high by McMenamy and his wife, Mic. In physical and occupational therapy, small steps turn into big progress, and the same is true of Teton Therapy’s growth. Today, there are locations in RivertonLander, and Cheyenne, with more than 33 outstanding employees (and counting!) Oh yes, Jeff McMenamy, owner and CEO of Teton Therapy is still leading the charge to make sure everybody -man, woman or child – is living their best life with movement, strength and clarity. And like a breath of fresh air the McMenamy’s have also taken steps to provide excellent relationship building, not only with their client and the communities they serve, but with healthcare providers and the amazing Teton Therapy staff. 

At Teton Therapy they believe in taking great care of people, their employees and community in spite of challenges. With the pandemic, the year 2020, and 2021, will be infamously remembered as a year-plus of loss; from business closures and employees taking part in the Great Resignation, shrinking reimbursements for healthcare services and virtually no control over pricing. In spite of the challenges two of the Teton Therapy clinics have doubled in size during covid to better serve people with quality, efficiency, space, resources.

The McMenamy’s know it all about your positive outcomes and getting you back into the swing of things. One of the greatest resources is certainly the team you will find at Teton Therapy, with each person, whether providing occupational therapy, physical therapy or working in another capacity, are afforded opportunities for ongoing education, growth and professional pursuits. 

Recruiting and hiring the absolute best individuals to serve people in Fremont and Laramie Counties has been a challenge with many layers. Teton Therapy continues to meet those challenges by marketing our outstanding communities and unparalleled areas to recruits. They use videos with lots of drone images, interviews with existing employees and paint a clear picture of their business that is fun, family oriented and underscores why the team loves working at Teton Therapy. For clients this means there are some pretty extra people, the best-of-the-best, ready to help our residents get their lives back, enjoy pain-free movement without drugs, avoid unnecessary surgery plus provide excellent pre- and post-surgical therapies when surgical procedures are deemed necessary. 

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned from 2020 it’s that not one of us has a crystal ball. That means we don’t know when something may happen that leaves us seeking help. For many parents it was quite the eye-opener trying to home-school their children for the first time and facing challenges of their child’s inability to concentrate and focus, which is something Teton Therapy also specializes in with Occupational Therapy (hint: it has nothing to do with your professional occupation and everything to do with activities that occupy your time, be it school, spots, activities of daily life and more). Sometimes it’s a misstep, lifting more than you have strength to pick up, injuries due to car wrecks, horse wrecks, ranching, rodeo, or pain and limited mobility that others have written off as something you should ‘learn to live with.’ Face it, sometimes life throws you a curveball. The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone. The even better news? Consultations are always FREE!

How special is the team? You’re invited to meet them in person this Thursday for Business After Hours from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in Lander at 425 Lincoln Street, one block north of Main Street, just behind Gambles. Teton Therapy welcomes community members, family, and friends to meet the professional staff that sets them apart from all other physical and occupational therapy clinics and enjoy delicious refreshments, win some fabulous prizes and tour their spacious facility. You’re invited to do all of this while learning more about the specialized physical and occupational therapy services offered at Teton Therapy, because frankly, it can be a little confusing to the layperson. After all, when you’re in pain you care less about a title and more about the person delivering results that will make the pain disappear and allow you to get back to living your life! 

To reserve a spot at this special event email, or call Teton Therapy at 307-332-2230. This event is FREE to all.

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