Criminal’s Handbook: Dimwitted Suspects Commit, Film, And Narrate Armed Robbery in Sweetwater County

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By Jimmy Orr, Cowboy State Daily

The wheels of justice turn slowly, the old adage goes.

But maybe not in the case of a recent armed robbery outside of Rock Springs.

A dimwitted duo from Sweetwater County is under arrest for an armed robbery they are alleged to have committed last week involving a passenger in their car while they traveled on Interstate 80.

The evidence compiled by the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s office would appear to be pretty damning.

The department reports that not only was the entire robbery caught on video but it was narrated by one of the suspects.

“One of the suspects was alleged to have robbed the victim at gunpoint while the other video-recorded and narrated the robbery in progress,” Deputy Jason Mower said.

“After pleading with them for his life, the suspects pulled off of the interstate and allowed the victim to get out of the car before getting back onto the interstate and driving away,” the deputy said.

The office reports that detectives successfully recovered some of the items from the victim during the robbery and also seized the firearm that investigators believe was used during the robbery.

Now Benjamin Martinez, 24 of Green River and Nicholis Ray Roberson, 24, of Rock Springs are both in jail.

The sheriff’s office say they will face charges of aggravated robbery, conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery, and kidnapping and theft.

No trial date has been set. To further aid in the legal process, some observers speculate the duo will perform an interpretative dance of the armed robbery.

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