Wyoming Criminal Astrologist Hoping to Solve Missing Persons Cases in the State

As wacky as Tahnee Zogg knows it might sound to some, she said the universe has been revealing secrets for centuries, and in many cases, effectively.

December 07, 20217 min read

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Tahnee Zogg sees a lot of red flags when she looks into Renee Yeargain’s disappearance.

With few facts to go on, Zogg, an amateur criminal astrologist and Tarot card reader, has turned to the universe for help in finding out what might have happened to Yeargain after she disappeared in 2004.

Zogg this summer created a “criminal chart,” a tool she said can lend insight into what might have happened to Yeargain.

Yeargain reportedly left her Torrington home on Aug. 4, 2004, and hasn’t been seen or heard from since. 

Her car was found two days later at a rest stop in Meridian, about 36 miles south of Torrington. According to her then-boyfriend, Josh Minter, Yeargain packed some clothes into a paper sack and left him and her four children without saying where she was going or when she might be back.

Thus far, there have been no arrests or charges in Yeargain’s disappearance, but her case remains open and is actively being investigated by Torrington Police Chief Matt Johnson, who said there’s strong evidence that Yeargain did not leave her home willingly. 

The investigation has yielded “clear indications of felonious intent,” Johnson said, but he has shared no new details on the case other than to say he and Detective Becci Morris are actively investigating.

Started Her Own Investigation

At the request of Yeargain’s longtime friend Jess Oaks, Zogg began her own investigation of the case as a criminal astrologist.

Zogg is quick to note that though criminal astrologists have been successful in the past in helping law enforcement locate missing persons and solve crimes, she still considers herself a novice. She also clarified that astrological charts aren’t permissible as evidence in courts at this time and for all practical purposes are for entertainment only.

That said, she believes in the art and its ability to lend insight into what might have happened.

The chart was created by entering Yeargain’s last known location and the last time she was seen, which gives Zogg which gives her an imprint based on where the ascendant (AC), or victim, was with regard to the seven astrological signs, or houses, at that time.  

Cause For Alarm

What Zogg sees on Yeargain’s chart gives her grave cause for alarm, she said.

Through a series of complex astrological computations, Zogg has theorized that Yeargain is dead and died as a result of some sort of trauma of the head or neck, likely at the hands of someone she knew. The person was very angry at the time of the incident and had reached a “boiling point,” Zogg said.

The chart showed Yeargain’s death was the result of a sudden and unexpected event, Zogg said.

The criminal astrology chart also points to seven or eight places where Yeargain’s body might be found, Zogg said, and there are strong indications that shallow bodies of water close to Yeargain’s home should be searched.

If someone did assault Yeargain, Zogg said that the chart indicates the person likely has piercing eyes, big limbs, is stocky and a person who is capable of committing a crime of passion, holds deep grudges and is serious, secretive and charismatic.

Zogg produced a map of seven or eight places where Yeargain’s body might be located and has offered to share it with law enforcement officers. 

Johnson said he would be happy to review the map, noting that while investigative resources of this nature aren’t generally recognized in courts, they nonetheless have been used in some investigations to provide direction.

Universe Revealing Itself

As wacky as Zogg knows it might sound to some, she said the universe has been revealing secrets for centuries, and in many cases, effectively. 

In fact, this past spring, Zogg diagnosed her own cancer by doing her health chart which accurately depicted she had stage four non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma prior to her receiving her official diagnosis. Currently, after several months of chemotherapy treatment, her cancer is in remission. 

Zogg may have saved her own life by beating her doctors to the diagnosis, though she won’t do health readings for others given the liability.

It also should be noted that creating a chart does not simply involve plugging numbers into a computer program and churning out results, Zogg said.

Instead, it requires a thorough understanding of both astrology and math and countless hours of studying how all the various components fit together in the 360 degree circle that contains the chart. 

Learning Through Mentors

In her case, Zogg, who has been giving professional Tarot card readings for the past seven years, has spent the past couple years poring over books and watching YouTube videos by noted Australian astrological criminologist Kirsty McIntosh, who has been instrumental in helping law enforcement solve a handful of murders and missing people cases.

After learning more about McIntosh, Zogg became interested in expanding her skills to also read astrological charts that can used in a number of applications, from finding missing people to finding missing car keys, which Zogg has also done.  

 Along with knowing how to interpret the various astrological variables, reading charts requires a great deal of intuition and an ability to read the story being told. 

It’s easy to see when something is not adding up, Zogg said, based on the erratic nature of the chart that is telling a disjointed or illogical story. In charts, a person is looking for a cohesive, coherent story that adds up.

“You shouldn’t have to stretch it to make it work,” Zogg said. “It captures a particular moment in time. It’s an imprint or time stamp in the universe.”

Intermediate Level

Understanding how to interpret that imprint requires both knowledge and intuition, and the best astrologers have both.

Zogg considers herself at an intermediate level as a “criminal astrologist” at this point, but is increasingly interested in the benefits of using these charts to find missing people or help solve crimes. She doesn’t charge for charts like this because she doesn’t like the idea of making a buck off anyone’s heartache.

She also stressed that astrological charts are not absolutes but rather suggestions or possible scenarios that are dependent on solid facts. For example, if you plug in the wrong time or location that a person was last spotted, then your chart will be wildly off. 

Regardless of the skeptics, Zogg is optimistic about the potential these charts have to providing a potentially different set of new facts to help guide law enforcement and families whose loved ones are missing solve their crimes. 

Tool That Aids Investigations

In some cases, Zogg has prepared charts for crimes that have been solved so she can check her work against the known facts of the case.

In one case, she prepared a chart for the case of a teenage girl in her home state of Nebraska who was murdered and whose body was found, although no perpetrator has been identified. Zogg’s chart of the case lined up with the facts as reported by law enforcement.

Ultimately, criminal astrology has a long way to go before being accepted as a crime fighting tool, if that ever happens, Zogg said.

But in the meantime, it can serve as another tool to aid in investigations.

Zogg plans to continue honing her craft with the goal of helping to solve cold cases like the disappearance of Yeargain’s and the cases of other missing people throughout the state. 

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