C.J. Box’s ‘Joe Pickett’ Series To Premiere In December

A new 10-episode TV show based on C.J. Box's character "Joe Pickett" will premiere on Dec. 6 on Spectrum Originals.

Ellen Fike

November 20, 20213 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

After months of waiting, the premiere date for the TV show “Joe Pickett,” a character created by Wyoming author C.J. Box, has been announced.

The 10-episode program will premiere on Dec. 6 on Spectrum Originals, according to the studio.

Box shared a video about the production, which included footage from the show and clips of him talking about the Spectrum production.

“It’s not my first rodeo,” Box said in the video. “Over the years, there have been at least four attempts to film Joe Pickett for TV. Not until this adaption did it feel right… the creators understood what these books were about.”

The series will follow Pickett and his family as they navigate the changing political and socio-economic climate in small-town Wyoming while also investigating the schemes and secrets hidden in the area.

“The first time I walked on the set, it was perfect,” Box said in the video.

Executive producers John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle told Deadline that they “fell in love” with the Joe Picket novels because of their “nuanced take on morality in a morally ambiguous world.”

“We became fascinated with Joe’s obsession with the ideas of truth, fairness, and the order of things, and perhaps even more fascinated with the trauma that made him that way,” they said.

“These days, there is so much to relate to in the Pickett family’s desire for a simpler life, and also in the notion that unresolved elements of our past tend to follow us wherever we go. Spending the last few years with the Pickett family has been one of the great joys of our careers, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring them to life on screen.”

New Zealand actor Michael Dorman, best known for his roles “The Invisible Man” remake and the Apple TV+ series “For All Mankind,” has been cast as Pickett.

Box said he got a chill while on set and seeing a woodpile that plays an integral role in the first Pickett book.

The series will air for a nine-month exclusive run on Spectrum. Box is serving as an executive producer on the series, as he did for “Big Sky,” which is based on his Cassie Dewell novels.

“Everyone is doing their best to recreate that authenticity,” Box said in the video.

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Ellen Fike