Wyoming Therapists Offer Self-Empowerment and Support with SMART Recovery 

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There are many opportunities to help youth learn to form healthy relationships. Observing, listening, and seeking outside help when needed are ways parents, grandparents, and other caring adults can make a difference. For information about programs and services available for children and adolescents at Wyoming Behavioral Institute, call 800-457-9312 or visit https://wbihelp.com

Casper, WY- Wyoming Behavioral Institute (WBI) therapists treating adolescent girls in residential treatment recently completed SMART Recovery training. SMART Recovery is a global movement of self-empowering addiction recovery mutual support meetings. WBI Clinical Director Zack Bird explained that effort is made to continuously improve the therapy offered to residential patients to promote sustained recovery after patients discharge. SMART Recovery is a four-point program that supports youth who are struggling with substance use and abuse with building and maintaining motivation, coping with urges, managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and living balanced lives.

The SMART Recovery program continues after patients are discharged, through a community of recovery, both face-to-face and online. “We see our patients make progress every day they are in treatment, in therapy groups, in school and in family and social interaction,” Bird said. “We know that many of our patients are able to succeed after discharge by using the tools we have given them to make choices that will keep them on track. We also know that having a health support network matters and we are pleased to be able to connect with the SMART Recovery program.” 

For more information about the SMART Recovery program, visit www.smartrecovery.org.

About Wyoming Behavioral Institute

Wyoming Behavioral Institute (WBI) offers psychiatric residential trauma-informed care for girls ages 10 to 17 affected by emotional trauma and mental health crises. The Pathways program provides a supportive place for healing in which patients can develop new skills and learn appropriate methods of self-expression. The program is intended for girls who have experienced trauma and face lasting mental and emotional effects. Complex trauma exposures include loss, neglect, witnessing, maltreatment and separation. These experiences can lead to post-traumatic

stress and other complex clinical symptoms such as behavioral difficulties, relationship struggles, decline in academic performance, high-risk behaviors including substance use. 

For more information about the Pathways psychiatric residential treatment program at WBI, call 800-457-9312. 

For a virtual tour, visit: https://wbihelp.com/treatment-services/child-adolescenttreatment/residential-trauma-informed-care/

In 2021 we are celebrating our 25th year of serving our community. Measuring Success: Making a Difference highlights the ways our contributions are valued.

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