Snowmen Survive All Day In Middle Of Wyoming Highway

Two miniature snowmen were placed in the middle of the highway which runs through Ten Sleep, Wyoming and no one ran over them.

October 14, 20212 min read

Snowmen 5 scaled
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Wyomingites have big hearts.

That was demonstrated on Wednesday in Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

Someone built two miniature snowmen and placed them in the middle of Highway 16 which runs through the community and no one ran over them.

And it’s not like there wasn’t traffic.  There was.

“When I took my pictures, a line of pickups with camp trailers, a semi, and cars went by them very carefully,” said resident Barbara Coutis Lee. “The drivers slowed way down so they wouldn’t hit them.”

Carol Greet, a rancher in the area who originally posted the photos on her ranching-based “Red Dirt In My Soul” page said drivers paid extra caution not to smush to the arctic figurines.

“By the time I saw them, they’d been there for three hours! Everyone’s been careful to let them be. Thanks for the smiles!”, she said.

It could be tempting for some to squash them but they made it the entire day without being annihilated.

Why is that?

Greet told Cowboy State Daily that the community embraced them.

“I think there was an innocence about them in addition to the humorous nature of them,” she said.  “People just liked them and wanted to share.  I was not the only one to stop and photograph them.”

The goodwill or the weather didn’t cooperate overnight, however.

She reported that by daybreak, the snowmen had met their demise.

“I was sad to see there was nothing left this morning. I thought it might be cold enough for them to last,” she said.

The good news is there will be a fresh supply of ingredients for new snowpeople for months to come.

Photo by: Barbara Coutis Lee
Photo by: Carol Greet
Photo by: Barbara Coutis Lee
Photo by: Barbara Coutis Lee
Photo by: Carol Greet
Photo by: Carol Greet
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