Utah Man Faces Up To 21 Years in Jail & $210,000 in Fines For Falsely Obtaining Wyo Hunting Licenses

A man who told wildlife investigators he feels like a Wyoming resident was charged with 21 counts of illegally obtaining resident deer & elk licenses.

October 01, 20212 min read

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By Joy Ufford, Pinedale Roundup

SUBLETTE COUNTY – A man who told wildlife investigators he “feels” like a Wyoming resident did not spend enough time in Wyoming to qualify for many years of obtaining resident deer and elk licenses.

Craig L. Hunt, of Morgan, Utah, was charged Sept. 16 with 21 high misdemeanors counts of swearing in false statements for many years to Wyoming Game and Fish that he lived in Cora, court records show. 

Specifically, Hunt is charged with false statements for 13 resident elk licenses from 2008 through 2020 and eight resident deer licenses from 2009 to 2016, court records show.

In his affidavit, Game and Fish Warden Herb Haley said in 2019 he received an anonymous tip that he lived and worked in Morgan, Utah, but used his parents’ post office address to apply for the licenses.

Wildlife investigator Dustin Kirsch assisted Haley by investigating Facebook posts, Google Earth photos and other records, it says. Haley and Kirsch interviewed Hunt on Jan. 27, 2021 in Utah. 

Hunt said he started building a cabin near Cora in 2015 and his camper was his permanent residence, although he had to bring it to Utah for the winters, according to court records.

He said he spent a lot of time in Wyoming and considered himself a Wyoming resident, the affidavit says.

Using cell phone records, Haley determined that he spent 115 days or about one-third of a one-year period year in Wyoming –– or more than 180 days outside Wyoming, thus disqualifying him for residency, it says. 

Hunt also paid taxes as a Utah resident, Haley noted. Hunt’s arraignment is scheduled in Sublette County Circuit Court for Oct. 4 at 11 a.m. Each offense has a maximum penalty of 1 year in jail and $10,000 fine with hunting license suspensions.

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