Jimmy Orr: We Love Your Wyoming Sunrises

Cowboy State Daily editor Jimmy Orr discusses the daily Wyoming Sunrise feature.

Jimmy Orr

September 30, 20214 min read

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By Jimmy Orr, editor

Anyone who is from Wyoming or has lived here for awhile has heard the state described as a small town with long roads.

We use that saying a lot.

Two weeks ago, Gov. Mark Gordon said it when he answered a question about the 20th anniversary of the tragic accident that killed eight Wyoming athletes on Highway 287.

His point was the accident affected all of us in every part of the state.  We could all feel that pain together.

We can all feed good together too though.

And one of the things that makes being the editor of Cowboy State Daily so enjoyable is hearing from citizens all across the cowboy state.

We do when we publish the Wyoming sunrise of the day. 

Not a day has gone by when we haven’t had a new one. 

Just this past week, we’ve had photos of sunrises sent to us from Jay Em, LaBarge, and Vedauwoo.  That covers a lot of ground in southern Wyoming (although Jay Em is more central but who’s counting). We haven’t published the LaBarge one yet but look at these beauties from Jay Em and Vedauwoo.

When the email comes in with the town in the subject line, it’s fun to open up. Because you picture the town before you see the photo. So you’re looking forward to see their perspective.

It’s also fun to see a location that you can’t put a finger on.  

Savery, Wyoming. I immediately think of Baggs and Dixon. I know where it is. I’ve been there. 

But I didn’t have a picture in my head. 

Savery, Wyoming

But now I do and it’s spectacular. Look at the greens and the different shades of yellow. The grass in the foreground. The cows in the pasture and the mountains in the background. 

Don’t know what happened to the bottom part of the sun but that imperfection makes the photo better somehow.

It’s one of our favorites.

Powell, Wyoming

This one from Powell is pretty striking too. The gradient oranges. The deep greens. And the synchronized horses.  Thanks to Shawnee Moon for this one.

I had to Google “Auburn, Wyoming” before I recalled where this town is located and I was bothered by that because I think I’m infallible on knowing every town and location in the state. How could I forget Auburn?

It’s not incorporated and I’m not sure I have traveled on Highway 238 before. Highway 89, of course. Ton of times.

Auburn, Wyoming

But it was great to get a photo from Auburn and now I’ve got to make the trip.

We’ve received photos from every county. That was an easy achievement. Johnson County and Park County may have the most active photographers.

We have not received photos from every community. We have yet to receive a photo from Lost Cabin, Lysite, Sussex, Manville, Hartville, Beulah, Arvada, Spotted Horse, Bill, Van Tassel, and Point of Rocks. For that matter, we are still waiting for photos from Bairoil and Lamont too. And then there’s gotta be a great sunrise photo from Jeffrey City out there.

Those are a few off the top of my head. 

Here’s the deal: you keep sending them and we’ll keep publishing them.

As a matter of fact, we’re going to ask Dave Bell, who is one of the most talented photographers in the country and Pinedale is lucky enough to call him a citizen, to give some tips on how to take the best sunrise photo with a phone.

We’re glad you enjoy the feature and we sure like doing it.

And while I’m at it, I will make my continued appeal to all photographers: Shoot horizontally, not vertically. Thanks

Come on Bairoil, let’s get it together. Send a photo!

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Jimmy Orr

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A third-generation Wyomingite, Jimmy Orr is the executive editor and co-founder of Cowboy State Daily.