Enzi Family: Thanks To All

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The family of Mike Enzi would like to thank everyone for their love and support to us during the loss of our loved one. 

Words cannot begin to express how we appreciate the care shown us by the people of this great state. 

The attendance of our community, friends from Wyoming and around the country, our Governors and Legislators who have served our state so well, the Senators who flew in to be there for him, the Enzi Team over the years and all of those who celebrated his life with us was a special showing of respect to Mike and kindness to us. 

To our dear family, friends, and neighbors who laughed and cried and shared memories, thank you so much. You are why we love this place so much. 

To all who were there or helped in any way that were missed in our thank you, we are so grateful for you. Go make memories and share them with those you love. 

Additionally, thank you for the hundreds of cards sent, filled with memories of Mike and the generous memorials sent in honor of him.

Our thanks and love,

Diana Enzi, Amy and Mike Strom, Brad Enzi and Michelle, Emily and Mike McGrady

and Grampa’s kids Trey and Lilly and Megan and Allison