Dave Simpson: No Break From The News This August

Columnist Dave Simpson writes: "Things used to slow down in August, as the luminaries, dandies, high-rollers and poohbahs of politics and media decamped to The Hamptons to sip wine and nibble crudites. No such luck this year. Let's touch some bases:"

Dave Simpson

August 18, 20214 min read

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Things used to slow down in August, as the luminaries, dandies, high-rollers and poohbahs of politics and media decamped to The Hamptons to sip wine and nibble crudites.

No such luck this year. Let’s touch some bases:

– It’s quite a list…

A botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that boggles the mind with its incompetence, provides our worst enemies with our latest weapons (even helicopters and drones), betrays those who aided us – interpreters, soldiers, countless others – leaving them to “shelter in place,” and betrays Americans who fought and died in Afghanistan for 20 years. (At least when the U.S. bugged out of Saigon, they had the sense to push their helicopters off the decks of aircraft carriers into the sea, so they didn’t fall into enemy hands.) We were told this wouldn’t be like when our country left Saigon. Right. It’s worse.

Spending in Congress that would make drunken sailors blush. (Even drunken sailors run out of cash eventually. But not our debt-happy Congress.) We’re not talking about billions anymore, folks. The coin of the realm is now trillions. (Don’t tell them what comes after a trillion.) And the progressives tell us, hilariously, that this “isn’t the time for austerity.” When has it EVER been the time for austerity?

A Swiss cheese border with Mexico that allows hundreds of thousands into our country, unchecked. While we hector school kids to wear masks, our president is apparently OK with migrants crossing the border with Covid and then disbursed to cities across the country, no doubt figuring they will someday vote for democrats.

A president who asks OPEC to boost production to ease gasoline price increases here, while simultaneously doing everything he can to hamstring the American energy industry. Who didn’t laugh out loud when they heard that whopper?

Inflation that has a 2×4 that cost a little over $3 in recent memory selling for between $8 and $9. Sheets of plywood for $82. Pickup trucks you couldn’t afford even if you could find one. Two-packs of rib-eyes at Walmart going for $25. Gasoline prices through the roof.

And crime in the big cities that makes us wonder how folks can continue to live there.

To which, there’s really only one thing left to say:

Nice job, Joe.

– Wouldn’t you think that if you were the governor of New York you could get a date without getting frisky with the help?

Couldn’t a three-term governor’s friends fix him up with a nice lady his own age, maybe a little younger, with whom he could have a swell dinner out, take in a movie, split a bottle of wine, and maybe even enjoy a tour of the governor’s mansion to end the evening, which could lead to who knows what?

What nice unattached lady wouldn’t enjoy an evening like that, and look forward to a second date?

That said, who in his right mind – even a governor, no, make that ESPECIALLY a governor –  puts his hands on a female STATE TROOPER of all people? (Take me, Lord, I’ve heard it all now.) This from the same guy who once signed legislation banning sexual harassment in the workplace? Who in his right mind asks a young female employee about acceptable age differences in couples – to which the woman wisely says you probably shouldn’t date women younger than your daughters – and even, allegedly, says he’s looking for a gal with a tolerance for pain?

It all goes to prove what we’ve known for decades:

There’s no fool like an old fool.

Especially an old fool governor.

– I see that President Biden’s nominee to head the Bureau of Land Management was once involved, at arms length, with environmental extremists who “spiked” trees in the Pacific Northwest, to discourage logging.

I’ve cut down trees and chainsawed them up for firewood for over 40 years, and the only thing that could make felling trees more dangerous would be maniacs putting spikes in those trees to injure loggers.

Couldn’t Biden find a more appropriate nominee? The in-your-face message of this nomination couldn’t  be more clear.

So anyway, there’s no rest for the weary this year, folks, as the news is roaring right through the normally boring Dog Days of August.

Dave Simpson can be contacted at davesimpson145@hotmail.com

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