YouTube “Influencers” Arrested In Rawlins After Breaking Into Hotel, Harassing Wildlife

Five men were arrested in Rawlins after breaking into an abandoned hotel and recording footage while "on tour" for their YouTube channel.

Ellen Fike

July 08, 20212 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

Five men were arrested over the weekend in Rawlins after breaking into an abandoned hotel and recording footage while “on tour” for their YouTube channel.

Dmitri Sergei Martyanov, 31, of Tempe, Arizona is charged with felony theft of a firearm and Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Aguinaga, 22, of California, is charged with possession of a controlled substance (three ounces of marijuana), according to Cali O’Hare of Bigfoot99, who originally reported on the incident.

Both men are currently out on bond, while their companions were not charged.

The five men had more than a half dozen firearms when they broke into the hotel. They documented their escapades on Snapchat, referring to it as “the projects” and “a serial killer’s house.”

The men also filmed themselves breaking windows inside the hotel, which was condemned almost a decade ago.

They were also seen harassing a female mule deer, throwing bread rolls at the animal.

The group of men run a YouTube channel that is labeled as a “shocking reality/comedy show” that “aims to expose the problem” of drug addiction in the United States. They generally film drug addicted and homeless people.

The duo have racked up more than 7 million views on their channel, but they haven’t posted a video since April.

Martyanov and Aguinaga were supposed to appear in circuit court for preliminary hearings this week, but their court appearances will be rescheduled, according to O’Hare.

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Ellen Fike