Jeffree Star Presents Alternative Image of Wyoming

Although makeup mogul and new Wyoming resident Jeffree Star's new photo is unlikely to become the image on Wyoming's license plate, it is a Wyoming photo.

June 29, 20212 min read

Jeffree star yak
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

It’s not the iconic image of Wyoming adorning our license plates, where the cowboy hat-wearing wrangler has an iron grip on a bucking bronco named Steamboat.

But it is a picture of Wyoming.

Instead of wranglers, the cowpoke is wearing a pink tracksuit. And instead of cows or horses, a herd of yaks.

That’s the image Jeffree Star, the larger-than-life makeup mogul who recently moved to Wyoming, posted on his social media accounts on Sunday.

“I’m truly at mental peace out here on my ranch,” Star said, introducing the photo.

While it is unlikely this image will replace Wyoming’s well known and often celebrated license plate, no one can deny Star’s love for Wyoming.

“It’s so peaceful and quiet here,” he said of his newly acquired ranch in Natrona County. “My view of the mountain is unreal. So far, I have accumulated 500 acres of peace and quiet and I am working on some more, but we have a beautiful home here and I am going to build a future here.” 

Not that there was ever a discussion about replacing Wyoming’s license plate. But changes in license plates across the country do happen.

Alaskans were up in arms when the grizzly bear was removed from its license plate in 1976.

Like the NFL’s plan to allow throwback insignias on teams’ helmets in 2022 (meaning the big “D” will return on Broncos’ helmets), Alaska — to much applause — brought back its retro grizzly design on license plates in 2015.

Delaware often comes in last when people are asked to vote on favorite license plate design. The state is the Cleveland Browns of license plates as it offers no image just a color.

Wyoming, on the other hand, regularly wins the gold medal for its design. Although Colorado, inexplicably, is often ranked at the top as well.

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