Looking For A Home In Wyoming And Have $70 Million, There’s A House For You

If you are looking for a new home in Wyoming and your budget restricts you to no more than $70 million, there are some properties you should investigate.

Wendy Corr

June 27, 20214 min read

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To many people in the rest of the country, Wyoming is where cowboys still fight Indians, where we still use outhouses and electricity is a relatively new concept.

But Wyoming is more than just wide open spaces and a “down-home” attitude — there are homes here that have a “Wow” factor rivaling anything seen in Beverly Hills.

Pricepoint: $70 Million

Take this riverfront cottage, for example – for just under $70 million, you can have a rustic home in the woods north of Jackson. 

Amenities include striking views of the Grand Teton range, Snake River frontage, spring creeks, ponds, exquisite landscaping and “ultimate privacy.” 

The main house covers 7,984 square feet and includes a 540-bottle wine room. The property also includes 242 acres of pristine wildlife habitat, multiple guest houses and it comes fully furnished.

$17 Million Price Point

If $70 million is a little out of your price range, you could consider this lovely log cabin, also near Jackson — it’s just $17 million.

There’s a significant reduction in the square footage as well. This one encompasses just under 5,000 square feet, but it also fronts the Snake River, and includes a guest house on its 37-acre parcel.

$16 Million Price Point

Perhaps the above two homes are too small or ordinary for your tastes. Maybe you would find living in Teton County to be revolting.

Not to worry. You can build your own home and live 300 miles away from Jackson with this 1,400+ acre property near Newcastle, Wyoming.

Plus, you’ll save money. This property has a price tag of just $16 million. But there will be an extra cost for the home you build.

If so desired, you could put a used mobile home on it for $20,000. Or you could spend millions designing your own state-of-the-art home, pool, guest house, golf course, helipad, shooting range, etc.

Price Point $44 Million

Let’s revisit that high-dollar mark again. This incredible home, once again near Jackson (actually, it’s in Alpine), lists for a cool $44 million. 

It’s all worth it though because it has a private airstrip on the property and hangar for storing your planes. Think of all the money you’ll save by flying yourself instead of booking flights and flying commercial. Plus, there’s no commute time. Roll out of bed, stumble out the front door, and load yourself up into your plane. Within 2 minutes of waking up, you’ll be airborne.

Worried about power outages? Not anymore. This property has a solar-powered energy system plus its own sewer and water system. You’ll be fully operational while your neighbors are using their iPhone flashlight.

Pricepoint $1.5 Million

But if you’re on a budget, you might consider residing in another corner of the state. For example, this bargain (at only $1.5 million) fronts the Bear River near Evanston

Granted, this one may not look like much but you are really paying for the land and the water.

This 219 acre ranch has alfalfa, brome and timothy hay currently being produced along with plenty of grazing land for livestock.

There are also several ponds on the property registered with the State of Wyoming and can be stocked for fishing.

Plus, the water rights date back to 1895.

Pricepoint $1.4 Million

Or you might want an even more rural address – how about this lovely spot near Powell? It is listed for a mere $1.4 million, and is set up to accommodate a full farming/ranching operation, complete with warehouses, outbuildings and barns on 159 acres.

Don’t worry, that green, glowing outline in the above photo isn’t nuclear waste. It just outlines the property which is currently growing alfalfa, sanfoin/orchard grass, and sorghum.

Plus, there’s an updated farm house and large shop conveniently located in the center of the property with great Mountain views.

If you’ve got millions of dollars burning a hole in your pocket, don’t waste your fortune on pricey properties in New York or Los Angeles – you can find big-city price tags right here in the Cowboy State!

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