Bill Sniffin: My, How We’ve Grown! Will You Tell Your Friends About Us?

Bill Sniffin writes: "There are thousands of people who still do not know about us. I am asking you to help us out by helping your friends sign up for this wonderful free news service."

Bill Sniffin

May 30, 20212 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

By Bill Sniffin, publisher

Cowboy State Daily is one of the fastest-growing news media organizations in the Rocky Mountain region. 

We owe that to YOU, our readers. 

Recently, our subscriber list passed the 16,000 mark.  Back in February of 2020, we started all this at 1,500 or so.  

But there are thousands of people who still do not know about us.  I am asking you to help us out by telling your friends about this wonderful free news service. 

And please share with me the stories you hear from your friends when they realize a news source like Cowboy State Daily is available to them.

So please, please reach out to your friends and tell them about Cowboy State and help us reach our goal of 20,000 subscribers this summer. It is so easy to sign up. Just go to our web page at and click on the “sign up” button and then fill in your name and email address.  That’s all there is to it!

When you sign up for Cowboy State Daily, you get the benefit of the most experienced news staff in the state.

Here’s a quick rundown of the crew:

Jimmy Orr is executive editor and has been with CSD from Day One; Jim Angell is editor, and  Ellen Fike, Wendy Corr, and Jen Kocher make up our reporting staff.  

Plus, we have a sizable stable of contributors and columnists who spice up our pages with interesting content.  We also have the best weatherman in the state helping us out — Don Day.

We’re always trying to improve our offerings. We recently started publishing statewide death notices, a service our readers really seem to appreciate.

I’d also like to take this chance to thank the hundreds of folks who sent us nice donations during our recent spring fund drive. It was by far our most successful and we are still adding up the totals. 

It is not too late to donate – just click on the donate button for a credit card payment or send a check to: Cowboy State Daily, Box 900, Lander, WY 82520.

Thanks everybody for helping out!  And don’t forget to help your friends and neighbors sign up for Cowboy State Daily.

Don’t just watch us grow – join us!

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