Update: Skittles Gummies Actually Sold In Buford

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

In a twist of events, it turns out Skittles Gummies actually are sold in Buford, Wyoming, proving the candy company wrong.

Earlier this week, Cowboy State Daily reported that Skittles called out the tiny town of Buford, Wyoming (is it a town if there is no population?) for being the only place in the United States that didn’t sell Skittles Gummies, although no mention was made of the regular Skittles.

However, our friend Paul Montoya, co-owner of the Vista de la Luna Bed and Breakfast in Buford, alerted us to the fact that Skittles was, in fact, mistaken about the lack of availability of the fruity, chewy snack food.

“Hold your Wyoming Horses @Skittles,” the B&B posted on its Twitter account Friday. “The Vista de la Luna Bed and Breakfast gift shop in Buford, WY sells Skittles Gummies! So they are available literally everywhere!”

In an email to Cowboy State Daily, Montoya included a screenshot of the tweet, alerting us to this update. Sure enough, there is the candy, sitting amongst the other souvenirs sold at the bed and breakfast.

On Wednesday, Skittles claimed that their gummy candy was sold everywhere in the nation, except Buford.

“SKITTLES Gummies are officially everywhere in the continental USA, with the exception of Buford, Wyoming,” a post on the company’s social media site said Wednesday. The post was accompanied by an outline of the United States featuring an “X” on Buford’s location.

Buford’s gas station and trading post were closed a few years ago.

The town’s owner Pham Dinh Nguyen bought Buford for $900,000 in an online auction a few years ago. It was the only location in the United States that carried his coffee, PhinDeli Coffee. He never lived in the town and only visited occasionally, and the store was managed for him. It was closed in 2017.

Buford wasn’t always desolate, once having more than 2,000 residents in its heyday due to being a railroad town, according to NPR.

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