Rusty Rogers: CDC Claims Just One Case Of Flu This Past Year – What’s Up With That?

Columnist Rusty Rogers writes: "Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic I have been greatly concerned that the American public was giving up its freedom with very little evidence of danger."

Annaliese Wiederspahn

April 06, 20216 min read

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By Rusty Rogers, guest columnist

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic I have been greatly concerned that the American public was giving up its freedom with very little evidence of danger. That and we have known from the start of this country that if you trade liberty for so-called security, you will lose both.

  According to the CDC there has been only one case of the regular flu this season. Not one death, one single CASE. Either they are lying through their teeth and every case of flu is being called Covid, or the human race has suddenly become immune to the flu.

  That agency also just released data that three feet is enough space between people, not six. The truth is that they have discovered the spacing made no difference at all. They have also admitted that schools did not need to be shut down at all. The teacher’s unions are what are keeping schools shut down. It’s much more fun to get paid to stay home I guess. Evidence is now showing that masking did little to nothing, in fact the CDC just released findings indicating the masks are about 1% effective. 80 to 90% of those who test positive state they wore masks faithfully. Depending on the area tested.

  We were told that there were no treatments for the virus at the beginning and that information was used to frighten the entire world into blind obedience. The truth now coming out was that Trump was right. Hydroxychloroquine is between 90 and 98% effective depending on which of the numerous studies you look at. Still right now as I right, you can only get it in Wyoming for arthritis.

  Our state health official, Dr. Harrist, is an appointee of the CDC and is sticking to the deep state left wing mantra. We could have taken control of our own state health service, but our state congress killed it. So much for the state looking out for us. We need to rethink who we elect. Oh wait, I’ve said that many times before haven’t I?

  It is becoming clearer every day that the knowledge about the virus, I mean the true knowledge, was available all the time. This means the virus was used to force a drastic change in the way the United States is governed. That change was the true goal the whole time.

  It may be just a coincidence, something I don’t believe in, but isn’t it strange that mass shooters come in groups. That they appear at times when the Democrats are pushing more gun control, and we then find out the FBI knew about them all along. It’s almost as though some knew just what buttons to push and when. That has struck me as odd for several years. It is one of the reasons I no longer trust the alphabet agencies.

  We allowed a government agency with no authority to tell us which businesses are essential. Knowing full well all businesses are essential. Especially to those who own and work at those businesses. It is said that civil disobedience is patriotic, so let’s be patriotic and go about our business. Let’s demand the treatments that really work are immediately made available and let’s demand that those we elect take control of our state. Not someone appointed from a government office in Atlanta GA.

  We have a weak president and a weak state governor. We have to contact Cheyenne and tell them to do their job and quit worrying about naming highways. Mark Gordon was educated in an eastern Ivy League College and served on the board of the Sierra Club. We cannot and should not expect him to hold our values and protect our interests, in addition due to party jumpers, we have several, possibly many, RINOs in Cheyenne. Every election year we see the reports on how many democrats switch to republican during the primary to affect the final out- come of our elections. The runoff bill requiring a true majority would have cleaned that up, need I say more?

  The state of Arizona has finally got a bill passed and is starting a full forensic audit of the ballots and machinery. A very good thing it is too, however, after this long if there is any evidence left on the machinery it’s because someone really screwed up. I do hope they find the truth but I doubt it, even I could hide evidence after this long.

  The state of Georgia is still trying to get the chain of control paperwork on 56 of their 152 counties. Nearly 400,000 mail in ballots. The kicker is that all ballots and the paper work showing the chain of evidence from the drop box to count room is required to be turned in immediately after the election.  Fulton County, where the security tapes showing the ballot cheating were filmed, is the worst of the lot. The largest number of the 400K ballots were from Fulton Co. and at the latest statement they claimed they weren’t even sure they still could find them.

Wow! Yep, nothing nefarious going on there.

  Georgia just passed a bill to improve their election integrity and it really has the left up in arms! I, unlike so many on aforementioned left, actually took time to read the bill. Like the House’s poorly named For The people Bill, it was amazingly tedious to read. I suppose they all are, legalese being what it is. They are agitated about the not being able to get water while on que, wrong. You can get water from an unmanned fountain or bring it with you. They are stopping the practice of on line electioneering, folks handing out water and food while wearing campaign attire. Sometimes the water bottles are labeled with campaign slogans. That is what it is about.

  Of course, there is the usual howling about voter ID. As I’ve said before, pure BS. At the same time, they are hollering that the ID laws are racist and too difficult for the poor, they are requiring an ID for the vaccine. You also need a picture ID or drivers-license almost everything in our once free country. A bank account, cough medicine, a pack of cigs, beer, cash or write a check. We run on IDs and should vote on it as well. Some 72% of all Americans in a recent Gallup Poll were in favor of voter ID.  Some 56% of Democrats and 91% of Republicans.

  The democratic socialists are insisting on no voter ID, not because their base wants it, they don’t, but because a voter ID would stop their takeover of America in its tracks, or at least the largest phase of it.

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