John Barrasso Supports Liz Cheney’s Re-Election

Barrasso said despite differences regarding the Trump impeachment, he was supportive of Liz Cheney's re-election.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

March 07, 20212 min read

Barrasso meet press 2

Despite voting differently on former President Trump’s impeachment, Wyoming’s senior senator is supportive of Wyoming’s Congresswoman Liz Cheney.

Appearing on “Meet The Press” Sunday, Barrasso said he was supportive of Cheney despite differences pertaining to Trump.

“I support her,” Barrasso said. “I disagree with her completely on the issue of impeachment. She voted one way, I voted the other.”

Barrasso said it was important that he and Cheney work together as the Biden administration, he said, is passing legislation hurtful to Wyoming’s economy.

“We work closely together fighting the Biden administration,” he said.  “This is an administration which policies on energy are devastating Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain West.”

“Gas prices are up 60 cents a gallon already since the beginning of the year. We need to work together every day,” he said.

Barrasso offered his support to Sen. Lisa Murkowski as well — another Republican who voted against Trump.

“She’s an incredible fighter for American energy. She hasn’t made an announcement if she’s going to run again, but if she does, I’m going to support her.”

In terms of policy, Barrasso said he hoped the administration focused its efforts on getting bipartisan infrastructure legislation he championed through Congress.

“I was chair of that committee and worked closely with Tom Carper, the Democrat,
 he said. “It passed unanimously. Bernie Sanders voted for it.”

“If they want to work with us, take up what Bernie Sanders and John Barrasso agreed to last year in the Environment and Public Works Committee. That is the blueprint for infrastructure,” he said.

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Annaliese Wiederspahn

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