Mother of Murdered Toddler Defends Herself on Social Media

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

The mother of a murdered Cheyenne toddler spoke out over the weekend on social media about her grief and denied rumors she may have played a role in the crime.

“As the mother of this missing boy … I have alot to say … especially about all the horrible things people are saying but I wont … cause deep down I know my baby was happy here and never abused,” Kassy Orona said on the Cheyenne Police Department’s Facebook page on Sunday.

Orona’s 2-year-old son, Athian Rivera, was found dead in a dumpster on Friday afternoon after being reported missing. Her boyfriend, Wyatt Lamb, was arrested on unrelated charges, but detectives have since submitted an affidavit recommending he be charged with murder and aggravated child abuse.

CPD is continuing its investigation into the boy’s death, but many people on social media have questioned if Orona might have played a role in her son’s death.

“All you people prove that the world only tears people down when their hurting the most,” Orona said. “I know there’s plenty of people out there that say how do you not know that your kids in danger? How did u not see signs? You wanna know how I didnt know? Here’s an example! There’s been people sending me messages saying how they mourn for me and mourn my loss and tell me they wanna do all this stuff to help … but when I look on here … they are some of the ones commenting that my child was neglected, that I should be punished … that’s why I couldnt tell.”

Orona lashed back at those who criticized her.

“Now I know why our community is the way it doesn’t even seem as though u guys actually care about my son..but only about spewing hate,” Orona concluded. “Maybe turn that hate into positive thoughts and prayers for my son…u people should be ashamed.”

She added no one would know how much she blamed herself for her son’s horrible death and that she wished it was her who died instead.

Orona’s Facebook page is now set to private, but her “about me” section at the top of her profile addresses her son’s death.


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