Dave Simpson: It’s a Goose/Gander Kind of Deal

Not long ago, I wrote that we should show our new president all the courtesy, respect, good will and benefit of the doubt that was afforded to Donald J. Trump four years ago.

Dave Simpson

February 02, 20214 min read

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Not long ago, I wrote that we should show our new president all the courtesy, respect, good will and benefit of the doubt that was afforded to Donald J. Trump four years ago.

“Every. Stinking. Bit.”

Let’s get started:

– Last week, President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone. According to news reports, they talked about arms control and the arrest of a politician who has challenged Putin, and almost died when he was poisoned.

I’m waiting for the leaked transcript of that call to appear in the news. Surely some back-stabbing, traitorous scoundrel in the federal bureaucracy will leak the transcript to the Washington Post or the New York Times, as was done four years ago with newly-elected President Donald Trump’s phone conversations with the presidents of Mexico and Australia.

Surely those who betrayed Trump will see that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and do all they can to humiliate and demean Biden as well. It’s only fair. To do less would suggest that the status quo in Washington (sometimes called the “Deep State” by those more conspiracy minded than I) treats Democrats better than Republicans.

Of course, the Biden-adoring press probably wouldn’t run the purloined transcript anyway. Too busy talking about his socks, his favorite ice cream, and his all-around gosh darned wonderfulness.

Likewise, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has no doubt authorized the tapping of phone conversations of Biden staff members, ferreting out cock and bull stories like that whopper about Trump and those frisky prostitutes in Moscow.

If they’re not wire tapping Biden, where’s the “equity” (the Democrats’ new favorite word) in this picture? Surely our longtime pubic servants in Washington, and the media, would not treat one president more shabbily than another. Would they?

The U.S. Senate is considering a long list of Biden nominees who require Senate confirmation.

You’ll recall that Democrats dragged their feet whenever possible in confirming Trump’s nominees in 2017. A story in the April 22, 2017 Washington Post reported, “Democrats have tried to slow the process, invoking arcane parliamentary procedures to force delays, and boycotting committee meetings to prevent votes.”

This time around, the Washington Times reported on January 26, 2021, that Democrat Senator Charles “Schumer praises (Republican) McConnell for confirmation pace.” Schumer said, “We’re off to a decent pace.” 

So, the Dudley Do Right Republicans, fans of the Golden Rule, are treating Democrats the way they would like to be treated, even though Democrats sure didn’t treat them the way they wanted to be treated four years ago.

The late Pat Caddell, Jimmy Carter’s pollster and a noted pundit, said in 2014 that the Democrats are “the corrupt party,” and Republicans are “the stupid party.” Hard to argue.

The Senate is also gearing up for The Impeachment of Donald J. Trump, the Sequel, set to start next week. You have to wonder what everyday, working class folks who don’t live in Washington think about 100 senators, each making at least $174,000 a year, wasting time throwing a guy out of a job who has already been (so we are required to believe) thrown out of his job.

I wonder what your average Flyover Country working stiff thinks about firing a guy who doesn’t work here anymore. 

Probably not much.

President Biden, irked at reporter Peter Doocy for asking a question that wasn’t about ice cream or his socks, called Doocy a “one-horse pony” as he left a news conference.  He was clearly attempting to call Doocy a “one-trick pony” (we know these things out here in Wyoming), but couldn’t get the right words out of his mouth.

He once called a woman a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier,” to the bewilderment of just about everyone. I wouldn’t hold these episodes against a fellow old guy, except for the glee that was expressed when Trump mistakenly typed “confefe” instead of  “coverage” in a 2017 Tweet. Joe and Mika on “Morning Joe” just about split a gut laughing.

Are Biden’s mistakes a horse of a different color? No.

Enough for now. I’ll end with this friendly reminder:

Whatever you do, don’t make America great again. We’re not into that anymore.

Dave Simpson can be contacted at davesimpson145@hotmail.com

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