Man Arrested For Driving 150 MPH Near Glenrock; Found Cowering Under a Bush

A California man was clocked at 150mph while trying to elude the Wyoming Highway Patrol. He was later found cowering under a bush.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

January 27, 20212 min read

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If there were a criminal’s handbook you would think there would be a chapter on driving and what law enforcement regards as excessive speed.

It would mention that our friends in blue will usually give you a break for going just a little over the speed limit.

Like going 79 in a 75 or 43 in a 40.

But it is unlikely, they will give you a pass for going 150 when the speed limit is 80.

So begins the sad story of a California man who was allegedly driving his Dodge Challenger at near Category 5 hurricane speeds on Monday.

It seems that 26-year-old Santa Maria, California resident Matthew Ruiz was driving at a leisurely pace of 110mph (also illegal) when the Wyoming Highway Patrol pulled him over.

The officer thought Ruiz might be impaired (shocker) so did the standard thing: asked him for license, proof of insurance, etc.

Instead of producing said documents, Ruiz, apparently thinking the highway patrolman was Jackie Gleason in Cannonball Run, floored it.

The vehicle exited at Hat Six Road south of Casper and then was clocked at 150mph. 

That’s when the Highway Patrol gave up the chase for public safety. But they knew — as we all know — that you’re not going to outrun the radio.

Although it does raise the possibility that perhaps this individual had a plan. Like a helicopter was positioned over the horizon and at exactly the right time a ladder was going to drop and he would be airlifted away to safety.

Because this is Patrick Swayze in Point Break testosterone we’re talking about.

Either that or the guy was a real dumbass.

Turns out it was option 2.

Ruiz, apparently having run out of options, abandoned his car in Glenrock and a short time later was found whimpering and cowering under a bush.

Patrick Swayze he was not.

Ruiz was charged with a felony charge of driving while under the influence, fleeing to elude, driving while under suspension, open container, and reckless driving. 

Agencies that assisted with this event were Converse County Sheriff’s Department and Glenrock Police Department.

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