Sublette County Sheriff Releases Footage Of Daring Rescue In Icy Water

The Sublette County Sheriff's Office has released the body camera footage of the rescue of a man and two dogs from the Green River this weekend.

Ellen Fike

December 31, 20202 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday released the body camera footage of the rescue of a man and two dogs trapped inside a truck that crashed into the Green River this weekend.

In the video, one of the officers can be heard talking with the man in the truck, assuring him that more medical and emergency personnel were on their way. The truck is submerged in the river and can be seen slowly sinking deeper and deeper.

“Just keep talking to me,” the officer yells to the driver. “Do you have any injuries?”

The man can be heard saying something back to her, but it is unclear what he is saying.

She tells the driver to continue talking to her and asks if there is anyone else in the vehicle with him, but the officer can’t hear what he is saying.

The rescue occurred after Sublette County officials received a call at about 10 p.m. Sunday about a truck in the Green River near Reardon Draw.

Deputies and other medical personnel immediately responded, along with Tip Top Search and Rescue, as the vehicle was reportedly partially submerged in the icy water with the driver still inside.

Around three minutes into the video, which was edited for brevity’s sake, ambulance and fire personnel arrive on the scene.

“Try to move to the back of the truck. Pick your head up, let me see you,” the officer tells the man in the truck.

About a minute later, the officer tells her colleagues that she can see the driver with her flashlight. Around five minutes into the video, the man can be seen climbing out of the back window of the truck.

“It’s so cold,” he can be heard saying while standing in the back of the truck.

“We’ve got you, we’ll get you out. I’ve got blankets here,” the officer responds, adding that there is a dog in the vehicle.

She then offers up a rope to firefighters on the scene, who then form a line to offer the man an extension, as well as pull him to safety.

The driver is briefly seen at the end of the video, before being taken to medical personnel.

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Ellen Fike