Sublette County Officers, Search And Rescue Save Man and Two Dogs From Icy Water

The Sublette County Sheriff's Office and Tip Top Search and Rescue Team saved a person and two dogs from icy water over the weekend.

Ellen Fike

December 29, 20202 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

The Sublette County Sheriff’s Office and Tip Top Search and Rescue Team announced on Tuesday that they rescued a person and two dogs from icy water over the weekend.

Around 10 p.m. on Sunday, a call came into Sublette County dispatch about a truck in the Green River near Reardon Draw, according to a news release.

Deputies and other medical personnel immediately responded, along with Tip Top Search and Rescue, as the vehicle was reportedly partially submerged in the icy water with the driver still in it.

TipTop volunteers certified and trained in both ice rescue and swift water rescue responded with their gear.

Prior to the arrival of the Swift water team, SCSO deputies and Sublette County Unified Fire safely assisted the driver out of the vehicle using a ladder which extended from the ice built up next to the bank to the bed of the truck.

Tip Top members were then tasked with the rescue of two dogs still in the cab. After several attempts, the search and rescue team was able to bring both dogs to safety.

It took several attempts to attach a winch to the truck’s frame, as it was completely under water by this point, and a second tow truck was called in to help pull the vehicle out of the water.

It was not clear how long it took the pull the truck out of the water, but according to the release, the mission was completed safely.

The driver was taken to the Pinedale Medical Clinic to be evaluated.

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Ellen Fike