Sheridan Game Warden Commended For Saving Two Moose in Wyoming

The Wyoming Game Wardens Association praised their Sheridan colleague this week for his heroism earlier in the fall for saving two moose over a few day period.

Ellen Fike

December 03, 20202 min read


The Wyoming Game Wardens Association on Wednesday commended Sheridan Game Warden Ryan Kenneda for saving two moose during separate events this fall.

The organization praised its Sheridan colleague for rescuing a cow moose stuck in a fence on state land between Murphy Gulch and Interstate 90 while she was on patrol back in October.

The moose attempted to cross the fence, but had gotten three of its legs tangled in the fencing. Kenneda removed the wires from the moose’s legs and after a short recovery time, the moose was able to stand and move on its own.

The moose has been seen in the area with its calf and appears to have suffered no lasting injuries.

Just a few days later, Kenneda got to assist with another moose call when the Wyoming Game and Fish Department was alerted by a hunter about a young bull moose in Bighorn National Forest that appeared to have been shot or injured.

When personnel found the moose, it was alert, but wedged between two tree saplings and unable to stand.

“From what we could tell, as the moose walked between two large saplings, it lost its footing and fell onto its right side,” said Kenneda. “As it fell, its two right legs slid under a fallen tree where there was about eight inches of clearance. All the legs were mobile, but could not get traction to allow the animal to get to its feet.”

Kenneda, Sheridan Wildlife Biologist Tim Thomas, Sheridan Fisheries Supervisor Paul Mavrakis and Fisheries Technician Nathan Jaksha removed the obstructions, checked for injuries and were able to get the animal into a kneeling position.

When Jaksha checked on the animal two hours later, it had recovered and left the area.

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Ellen Fike