Doorbell Camera Catches Moron Committing Hit-And-Run in Worland; Apprehended Immediately

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If there were a criminal handbook, you would think there would be a chapter on the prevalence of video cams and how they really are everywhere.

Maybe one moron thought Washakie County was somehow exempt from technology and they wouldn’t have to worry about it.

They thought wrong.

Turns out a simple doorbell camera took the footage which shows a white four door pickup truck smashing into a parked vehicle which then smashed into a trailer and then quickly leaving the scene.

Added bonus, the doorbell-cam recorded the sound.

Not only did the police have video of the crash itself but they knew exactly what time it happened. 

Then they could post the video (which they did) and enlist the public’s help (which they did) and within two hours the suspected moron was captured.

“Thanks to the public’s help on this,” the post said.  “We appreciate the community’s support with helping us solve this.

“It was fortunate that the homeowner had a doorbell camera in this incident which was very helpful with giving us a direction to go with this investigation,” the police department said.

Had the offending moron stopped and called the police, perhaps they wouldn’t face a laundry list of charges.

Hit-and-run is never a good charge to try to beat — especially when all the evidence is on video.

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