Sheridan Police Department to Hunt Deer In Town

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It’s not going to be a free-for-all where Sheridan residents use grenade launchers, Howitzers, and flamethrowers to annihilate packs of deer or anything.

But there is going to be hunting inside the city limits. And it’s nothing that new.

The problem is an abundance of deer in the town and with that abundance comes deer and human conflict.

So how to take care of it? Bow hunting.

The Sheridan Police Department is launching a program again that will harvest deer from the city limits of Sheridan.

“The program has really suppressed the deer versus vehicle collisions,” Sheridan police Lt. Travis Koltiska said on a Sheridan Media talk show.  “We’re trying to address some of the aggressive deer in town and reduce the property damages.  It has been a very successful program.”

Officers will be conducting operations in the afternoon and evening hours. As in years past, all harvested deer will be donated to individuals in the community.

Any community member who deserves to receive a harvested deer, with the ability to process the animal, should call the Sheridan police and ask to be put on the deer donation list.

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