Motley Crüe’s (And Wyoming Resident) Nikki Sixx Shows Off Knife-Making Skills

Nikki Sixx is a rock star, an author, an avid outdoorsman and now he's a bladesmith. Who knew?

Ellen Fike

November 09, 20202 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

One of Wyoming’s newest residents — Nikki Sixx — is a rock star, an author, an avid outdoorsman — and now a bladesmith. Who knew?

In a recent Instagram post, Sixx showed off his knife-making skills by hammering a (literal) red-hot blade and hammering it with a sledgehammer.

The anvil he was using weighed 800 pounds and brought in from Germany, he said.

“#BeTheKnife,” Sixx wrote in his Instagram post.

Sixx was working with Corey Milligan from New West KnifeWorks, a Jackson-based company that sells hand-crafted knives.

We can’t say for sure if it was the same knife he was making earlier in the week, but an Instagram post from Sixx shared Sunday showed him holding a light blue knife with swirls in it.

As a fairly new Wyoming resident (Jackson, specifically), Sixx has spent the last few months hailing his new home and everything it has to offer.

“It’s cheaper, no B.S. type of people, everyone is … extremely outdoors-driven…so because of that, everyone is extremely healthy,” Sixx said in a Los Angeles radio interview in September. “There’s no entertainment business here, so you’re not dealing with that type of stuff. You’re just dealing with blue collar people.”

Wyoming has also been helpful for his creative process, allowing him to paint, write and apparently make knives.

There’s no word yet on if or when a knife line by Sixx will be released by New West, but we’d definitely line up to buy one from him.

In addition to making knives, Sixx posted on Sunday that he was working on a secret track with a “couple of bad asses,” but he didn’t say if this meant a new Motley Crue track or something else.

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Ellen Fike