Josh Allen’s New Breakfast Cereal Is Available in Wyoming. But What Do They Taste Like?

The new breakfast cereal named after former Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen has made its way to Wyoming.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

October 28, 20203 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

If eating cereal named after former Wyoming football players is something you’re interested in, there’s great news.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen’s new cereal “Josh’s Jaqs” — which has been selling very well in upstate New York — now has made it to the mountain time zone. Laramie, to be specific.

It turns out, for your dining pleasure, that a whole mountain of Josh’s cereal arrived at the University of Wyoming book store last week.

The nice thing about Josh’s Jaqs is that a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the cereal go to a children’s hospital in Buffalo, New York.

Apparently the sales of the cereal are robust.

According to media reports, sales of Josh’s cereal are on pace with the sales of “Mahomes Magic Crunch” — which, of course, is named after Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

But how about the taste?

Sadly, according to taste-testers in Buffalo, Josh’s Jaqs taste just like Fruit Loops. Another, in the video above, thinks they taste like Apple Jacks without the apple.

The tester also admits he doesn’t eat much cereal anymore because he’s trying to bring back “sexy” for his lady.

We also learned — and this could be helpful for the guy bringing sexy back — one cup of Jaqs have 20 fewer calories than those founds in Loops.

Is it even possible — taking it a step further and more intellectual direction — that a new flavor of cereal can even be created?

Perhaps. And candlemakers might be the industry to watch here.

After all, one such company has made a candle that — instead of the traditional scents — smells like musty carpets, dusty furnishings, and graveyard grasses.

It’s called the Ghostly Castle candle.

We’re not suggesting cereals taste like carpet, furnishings or graveyards, but it does give us hope that perhaps new flavors can be invented.

What does Josh think of his cereal? He thinks it’s weird.

“It’s something that people get and they start their day and they look at me on a cereal box,” he told reporters in Buffalo. “It’s definitely weird, but it’s a cool thing and something to cross off the bucket list.”

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