Carbon County Hunter Butt-Dials Search and Rescue; Gets Saved Even Though He Was Fine

The hunter's wife said Carbon County Search and Rescue located the "rescued" the perfectly-fine hunter as he was packing his elk out.

Ellen Fike

October 26, 20202 min read

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(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

A Carbon County hunter has recently learned how much impact an accidental dial can have.

The Carbon County Search and Rescue team got the chance to save someone last week who wasn’t aware he needed help, the organization said.

The story involved a man only identified as “Tim,” who went elk hunting last week.

Somehow, Tim activated an SOS button on his GPS while out hunting, alerting officials that he was in need. A security company tried reaching Tim, but his cell phone service was spotty due to him being hunting. 

The company also tried contacting Tim’s wife, who didn’t answer immediately. But once she heard the voicemail about her husband activating his SOS call, she went into action.

She also provided information to the security company about her husband’s medical conditions, what he was doing and any gear he might have had. 

Since no one had any luck getting ahold of Tim, the sheriff’s office and Rawlins Search and Rescue team members were contacted to try and find Tim.

“He wasn’t responding back to the SOS and his location wasn’t changing,” Tim’s wife said in the post. “I think I only slightly panicked.”

Tim’s wife hacked into his GPS account, discovering that he was moving, but not responding to the SOS call. She realized that the alert was likely a false alarm, but sent the updated location coordinates to the search and rescue team. 

“I’m relieved knowing the device works and the entities worked efficiently to make sure he was OK,” Tim’s wife said in the post. “I’m proud of the fast response and know we’re always in good hands with the amazing people we have in our county.”

Tim discovered that he was being searched for, with everyone quickly realizing that this was definitely a false alarm.

“The deputy on scene located Tim packing his elk out,” the post said. “We are just glad he is OK, and he got his bull!”

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Ellen Fike