Don Day: Winter Weather Coming This Weekend To Wyoming

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By Ellen Fike, Cowboy State Daily

Enjoy these last couple days of fairly warm weather, because winter is moving in this weekend.

Wyoming meteorologist Don Day said in his Tuesday forecast that a cold front is moving into the state later this week (Thursday and Friday) and a storm system will form over the weekend.

The northern part of the state will likely see snow later in the week, while the southern portion of the state will probably see snow move in by Sunday.

“Hunters beware,” Day said in his forecast. “Also, if you’ve got plans on traveling in the region this weekend, especially Saturday night or Sunday morning…a lot of the northern and central Rockies will have the first widespread snow that will literally make roads and highways slick.”

The meteorologist added that people hunting in the mountains this weekend will likely see a “good amount” of snow over the weekend, which is something they should be cautious of.

Probably the most ominous part of his forecast, however, had to do with the really cold temperatures that are coming up.

How cold? According to some models, sub-zero temperatures are on the way.

“These are not celsius temperatures,” Day said. “These are fahrenheit temperatures by sunrise Monday. Anywhere you see grey is a sub-zero temperature — surrounded by single-digit teens.”

Day said this was just a model so it’s not the “gospel truth” but this is “the real deal” he cautioned.

Day explained that the jet stream (fast-flowing yet meandering air currents in the atmosphere) has been building up a ridge in the gulf of Alaska, which is “setting the stage” for the winter weather coming in this week.

The National Weather Service has issued a high wind warning for some southeastern portions of the state until midday Tuesday, with predictions that gusts will increase again overnight.

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