Cody Man Tackled In Court After Arrested For Kicking, Spraying Cop With Energy Drink

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By Leo Wolfson, Cowboy State Daily

Cody resident Frank Denbow is facing a felony charge for allegedly kicking a police officer in his chest and spraying him with a carbonated energy drink. 

And the action didn’t stop when he had his first hearing in Park County Circuit Court on Tuesday, as he was tackled by sheriff’s deputies as the hearing ended.

It was not clear why deputies forced Denbow to the ground during his hearing. According to the Park County Sheriff’s Office, “that report is not yet complete and there is no information available at this time.”

The takedown was the climax to a hearing in Cody on Tuesday during which Denbow became increasingly combative.

During his initial hearing, Denbow, 35, became progressively more disruptive, berating Judge Bruce Waters and Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Larry Eichele, at one point ordering Eichele to “speak up.

“You’re not prepared son,” Denbow told Eichele at one point when the attorney paused to look at his paperwork.

Denbow, 35, is facing a felony charge for allegedly kicking a police officer in his chest and spraying him with a carbonated energy drink during an encounter with police Saturday. 

Interference with a peace officer to cause bodily injury in Wyoming carries up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines.

Denbow’s court appearance followed his confrontation with police Saturday.

As police approached Denbow on the street to discuss numerous reported incidents that allegedly involved him, Denbow allegedly raised his digital camera toward Cody Police Officer Patrick Geraghty in a manner that suggested he was taking photos or video of the confrontation.

“Denbow then attempted to wave down a miscellaneous vehicle passing, attempting to get a ride from the driver. The vehicle’s driver sped off out of the area,” Geraghty wrote in his report.

After Denbow admitted to speaking to someone who accused him of trespassing earlier in the day, he started to shake up his energy drink with his right hand.

“You know what’s about to happen,” Denbow said, according to Geraghty.

When Denbow opened the beverage, he changed positions to spray the officer in his eyes, mouth and uniform, Geraghty wrote.

“The amount of liquid that was sprayed into my eyes temporarily blinded me,” his report said.

After securing Denbow by his wrist, Geraghty said the suspect broke free as he was being escorted to the police vehicle, “due to the amount of slippery liquid on his person.”

Geraghty said Denbow then jumped up and kicked him in his chest. In the ensuing struggle, Denbow broke Geraghty’s body camera chest mount with another kick.

Police made contact with Denbow because of six incidents he was accused of taking part in from early Saturday morning through the afternoon. 

Allegations included erratic driving, driving his Jeep onto a bar patio, refusing to leave a gas station; Entering a pool at Cody’s Paul Stock Aquatic and Recreation Center fully clothed; Leaving his vehicle illegally parked in a hotel awning area, and trespassing into a tow lot to retrieve items from his vehicle that was impounded after the hotel parking incident.

Denbow was assessed a $10,000 cash-only bond on Tuesday. 

Once described as “a fixture of New York’s tech scene” in a 2019 New York Times article, Denbow is featured on the website of Digital Summit, a national organization that hosts conferences for digital marketers.

Denbow, who is listed as a speaker for the organization, founded a platform for producing top-quality custom apparel for companies and influencers.

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