Convenience Store Worker Unhappy He Has to Fight Bears on the Job

A convenience store worker says fighting bears was not in his job description.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

September 01, 20202 min read

Bear store
(Cowboy State Daily Staff)

We love bear stories. And although this bear story didn’t happen in Wyoming, we’ll still mention it because it’s a good bear story.

Turns out, a convenience store worker in Lake Tahoe doesn’t like some of his customers.

It’s unlikely that he will be charged with discrimination for trying to block them from entering his store, however. Because the customers in question are bears.

TV station WFLA obtained surveillance video of bears entering and hanging out in Paul Heigh’s convenience store and it’s pretty remarkable.

One bear appears quite content lying on the floor and eating a bag of candy.

It’s great video. Hilarious, in fact.

Unless you’re the one that has to deal with it.

Employee Paul Heigh has to deal with it.  He told the TV station that he didn’t expect this when he took the job.

“This wasn’t in the job description,” Heigh said. “Fighting off bears was not in the job description.”

Heigh was fed up enough to try to block the bear from entering the store until the bear lunged at him. Heigh wasn’t injured but decided to let the bear enter his store.

The local Bear League didn’t seem to have any concern over the safety of Heigh or any human customers. Its focus is on the bear.

“The bear should not be going into buildings where someone could shoot him or kill him or the department of wildlife could kill him,” Bear League spokesperson Ann Bryant said.

What to do?

The TV station reported that “experts” told business owners to disable automatic doors so they can’t “just walk inside.”

Experts also recommended using Pine-Sol. For what, we don’t know.

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