Casper Police Release Report On Shooting Which Left One Person Dead

The Casper Police Department released their accounting of what happened during a gunfight which left one person dead on Friday morning in Casper

Annaliese Wiederspahn

August 11, 20202 min read

Casper shooting

A gunfight involving Casper police last week that ended with one man dead erupted when officers were fired upon while trying to rescue a kidnapped woman, the Casper Police Department said Tuesday.

The department released its accounting of what happened during the gunfight that left Robert Land, 45, dead on Friday morning.

According to their report, the police received word Friday morning that an adult female was being held at gunpoint in an apartment.

The report said the police tried to communicate with those inside the apartment but ultimately had to break in to “save the life of the kidnapped woman.”

“Officers forced entry into the residence and, shortly after entering, were fired upon. Officers returned fire and safely evacuated several of the individuals inside the residence, uninjured,” the report read.

The police said the kidnapped woman was shot in the melee and was transported to the hospital, but has since been released.

No officers were hurt during the incident. 

Due to the fact weapons were discharged by police officers, the Division of Criminal Investigation is investigating the incident.

“In accordance with the Casper Police Department’s protocol and dedication to the standards of our profession, four of the officers involved in Friday’s incident have been placed on paid administrative leave,” the report said.

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