Bill Sniffin: Lummis Will Excel; Watch Out For Michelle Obama

I think Michelle Obama will be Joe Bidens pick for his vice-presidential running mate. That decision could propel him to the presidency.

Bill Sniffin

August 11, 20205 min read

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Former U. S. Rep. Cynthia Lummis should be celebrating on Tuesday, Aug. 18, when she will easily win the Republican primary to run for the U. S. Senate seat left open by the retirement by Sen. Mike Enzi.

I think Lummis will be a good senator who will represent Wyoming’s conservative interests well.  She had the misfortune of serving as one of 435 Representatives during the eight years of Democrat Barack Obama’s presidency.  It was not a position where you could get much done and Lummis has been criticized for that. Nobody was more frustrated than Lummis herself, during that time. 

But the Senate is a totally different place.  If President Trump wins and if the Republicans hold the Senate, she will instantly become a player.  Her knowledge of energy and other interests close to the hearts of Wyomingites will serve us well. 

Sen. Mike Enzi cannot be replaced. History will show that he was one of the most effective U. S. Senators of all time.  Well done, Mike.  You and Diana deserve a rest!

Drum roll please!  I think Michelle Obama will be Joe Biden’s pick for his vice-presidential running mate.  That decision could propel him to the presidency.  

That could be the only reason he earlier announced he was picking a Black woman as his running mate.  I am not the only one making this prediction but I wanted to get it on the record before Biden announces his pick later this week. 

Meanwhile, Biden painted himself in a corner by narrowing his choice to a Black woman – unless this was his way for the country to get used to the idea of Black woman vice president. 

Michelle Obama is the best of all possible picks for Biden.  It is no-brainer. 

Across the country, a lot of Republicans helped make Michelle’s husband Barack a two-term president. Plus, we know that having her on the ticket will galvanize millions of Black voters who voted for Obama twice but, for some reason, stayed home when they had the chance to vote for Hillary Clinton four years ago.

A Biden-Obama ticket makes sense for the Democrats despite a recent series of events that will hurt the Democrat cause mightily.

With all the recent riots and the uproar over Black Lives Matter, there is a huge silent majority that might just tilt toward reelecting President Donald Trump when he uses “law and order” as his main theme.  

It is easy to predict that thousands of folks who might not vote for Trump but may just not vote for president, at all, as a protest against the bad behavior being seen in Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, and other places with Democrat mayors and governors.  This helps Trump. 

The 2016 election was very close.  A few changed votes in key states would have given the election to Clinton.  This time around, the election will be just as close. 

Among my Facebook friends, other friends, and family who favor Biden (and there are a lot of them), the fever against Trump is like nothing I have ever seen before. They literally hate him. 

I thought my hard-nosed Republican friends really seriously hated Obama, but this hatred toward Trump is off the charts.  

This brings me back to my original premise.  Michelle Obama will be Biden’s ideal vice-presidential pick. She will be a strong campaigner.  She is the most admired woman in America. Her recent book sold zillions of copies and made her a boatload of money.  

So why would she do it?  Like so many anti-Trumpers, she and her husband have had a bellyful of seeing the programs passed by President Obama over eight years being trashed.  

Plus, the Obama kids are pretty much grown.  And yet Michelle is still a young woman at 56.  Compared to Biden, 77, Trump, 74, and white-haired Vice President Mike Pence, 61, she would look like a single-person youth movement. All the Gen Xers and Millennials will gravitate toward her as she drags Biden along with her. 

On a more local note, I think a Biden election could do more economic damage to Wyoming than 2020’s COVID-19 or falling energy prices. This conclusion has nothing to do about favoring Republicans over Democrats. It just reflects the facts of what Biden is saying through his progressive consultants like AOC.

We could see good middle-class jobs disappear and an entire generation of folks move out of the state.  It could be total devastation to the fossil fuel industry, which drives the economy of the Cowboy State. It could be predicted that the state would lose 50,000 to 100,000 people as middle-class jobless families move out and are replaced by retirees or young couples.  

We would not have a housing glut but rather see over and over a situation where a home with dad, mom, three kids, and a dog are replaced by dad and mom and a dog. Do the math. 

The names Biden and Obama have a familiar ring to it when it comes to a presidential ticket.  A ticket of those names won two national elections and very recently ran the country’s executive branch for eight years. 

Biden’s pick is the most important vice-presidential pick since Harry Truman was selected to be FDR’s running mate in 1944.  It is easy to predict he will not squander it on anyone except a sure winner — Michelle Obama. 

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