Jogger Bounces Off Grizzly While Running; Both Tumble Down Trail And Separate

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We haven’t seen a grizzly encounter like this so far this year.

The Glacier National Park Service reports that a jogger was running with two others on the Huckleberry Lookout Trail when she ran into a young grizzly — literally — on Saturday morning.

She not only collided into the bear, she then bounced off the bear and both of them went tumbling down the trail together.

“Once separated, the bear ran off,” the Park Service said. 

The woman received minor injuries to her head and arm but was able to walk back to the trail, meet back up with her friends, and then drove off to the hospital in Kalispell where she received some treatment.

It truly is unfortunate that there wasn’t a trail-cam that recorded the incident as it would seem difficult to accidentally run into a bear. Even young grizzlies are quite large.

Further, the site of a grizzly bear interlocked with a person tumbling down a trail would also be quite fascinating to see.

Then, once the tumbling ends, seeing the bear come-to and running away would be engaging to watch.

Of course, the speculation is fun because both the jogger and the bear ended up OK.

Regardless, the Park Service re-issued a press release Saturday reminding people that grizzly bears are dangerous — even the kind that bounce off joggers.

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