National Travel Site Selects Centennial as Wyoming’s “Must-Visit” Community

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If you read the food, entertainment, and travel site “Thrillist”, you know they love to put together lists.

We paid close attention to their latest list entitled “The Must-Visit Small Town In Every State” and were pleased to find it included one of Wyoming’s own.

There’s a lot of must-visit small towns in Wyoming.  In fact, compared to many states, every town in Wyoming could be classified as a small town.

Regardless, the magazine chose the non-incorporated community of Centennial as their favorite pick. 

What kind of methodology did the writers use in selecting their favorite community?  None, really. All personal opinion.

We stand by their methodology — although there are many communities in Wyoming that would be the ranked No. 1, depending on who you asked.

What did they like about Centennial?

“This tiny outpost features all the best things about Wyoming — friendly bars, wide-open spaces, great music, and access to some of the most starkly beautiful outdoor recreation you’ll find anywhere,” they wrote.

They also like the party aspect:

“On a given weekend the town is liable to turn into a party, especially when the right bands are passing through, and it’s the home of the most truly great winter party you’ll ever find: The annual Poker Run (see the video above), where a few hundred well-lubricated skiers tumble down the mountain and crash-land in Centennial’s welcoming arms.”

If you plan to visit this must-visit community, get reservations. The writer obviously knows that it can only handle so many people.

“Sitting 8,000 feet up, 30 miles outside of Laramie at the foot of the Medicine Bow mountain range, Centennial consists mainly of a couple hotels and bars/music venues that play host to hikers, campers, skiers, and snowmobilers on their way into or out of the mountains.”

To read the full-list of every must-visit community in the country, check out their article.

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