Gordon Keeps In-State Camping Reservation System; Cancels Out-Of-State Camping

Gov Mark Gordon announced Thursday that the in-state camping reservation system will stay put. He also canceled out of state camping in State Parks.

Annaliese Wiederspahn

May 07, 20202 min read

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For those who don’t like to compete with visitors from other states for state park campsites, you’ll be glad to know that Governor Gordon, for now, has closed state park campsites to out-of-state visitors.

This doesn’t mean out-of-staters can’t camp in Wyoming.  But not at the state park campgrounds.

However, those who don’t like the reservation system put in place for Wyoming residents who camp at state campgrounds didn’t get any relief from the governor today. That system is still in place.

Gordon last week announced state park campsites would be open to Wyoming residents only as of May 15. To help make sure social distancing guidelines are observed and to keep out-of-state visitors from camping at the parks, the state created a reservation system for campsites.

It’s a system, the governor says, that he hopes will be a big improvement over the “first-come, first-served” system in place now.

“What we’re trying to implement is a very good system that is easy to use where people can sign up and reserve a camping spot before they go to our state parks,” he said.

He said the State of Wyoming is a “little less eager” to have out-of-state campers coming in until other states have opened up their own parks. The reservation system, he said, provides a way to prevent non-residents from overnight camping in the parks.

“It’s new. I understand that,” he said. “But this is a great way to make sure people don’t waste their time trying to get a camping spot.”

Long-term, Gordon said, he thinks this will be an improved experience.

“We are trying to make this as flexible as possible and take advantage of what we think is actually a better system.  Because you’ll know the camping space where you are going and be assured of that,” he said.

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