Tom Jones: You Have My Permission To Kill Yourself. You Do Not Have Permission To Kill Me

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Guest Column by Tom Jones

To all of you who are ready to open the gates again:

You have my permission to kill yourself. You do not have permission to kill me or my family.

You say Wyoming is doing better so it’s time to go back to normal. We are doing better because we are doing it right. The curve will turn into a U if we open too soon.

I fully understand the desire to get back to work, either as an employee or a business owner. You say the cost to the economy is too great to remain closed. What level of dead will change your mind? A quarter million, half a million, ten million. 

If we can avoid deaths we need to try. In the whole scheme of things I believe this will be relatively short lived. Dead is dead but economies do rebound.

It scares me that Wyoming’s congressional delegation continues to drink the Kool-Aid of the President. For once, please look at what is best for our citizens. Sen. Barrasso needs to remember his medical background: “First do no harm.” Pay attention to science and scientists. They know better than anyone.

I am amazed at the way so many, especially Congress, the president and the media, continue to politicize this event. Let’s work for a cure. Let’s work to protect ourselves and our families. We are all in this together. Let’s work together.

Some of you may recall the adage from the AIDs infection. “When you have sex, you are having sex with every person your partner ever had sex with.”. There is a corollary to that today.

“When you socialize with someone, you are socializing with every person they have socialized with.” You will probably never know where you got the infection.

Thank you to everyone out there who is working to help keep the rest of us safe. Health care providers, grocery workers, truck drivers and so many I can’t name them all. We have a new appreciation for so many people we ignored before. Don’t make their efforts and sacrifices be in vain.

Stay home. Stay healthy.

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